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16 year old with IC, desperately need some advice!

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    Hi, I'm not sure if you still check this thread anymore but I saw it and thought I would reply anyway. I am also a 16 year old Australian living with IC and if you ever would like some support then I am here for you. I know better then anyone how tough this condition is and how much it effects your life. I have had it for 6 years now and went undiagnosed for 5. Just letting you know I am always here for support!



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      Originally posted by Jen.75 View Post
      I am 16 years old and I live in Australia. I recently had a cystoscopy with hydrodilation which confirmed what my urologist suspected - that I have IC. I have extremely severe pain, however no urinary urgency or frequency, which she admitted was a strange presentation of it. She wants to start me on Amitriptyline (which i can't have due to conflicting medications) and DMSO instillations. I am terrified of this! I already have too much pain to handle. I won't be able to stand anything else. I am also supposed to see a pain specialist in December.

      Currently on -
      Fluoxetine, Oxycodone, Panadeine Forte, Tramadol, Nurofen Plus, Doxylamine and Maxolon.
      Hi Jen. My name is Katy. I am a 16 year old from the United States. I was diagnosed with IC November of last year. Also Pelvic Floor dysfunction. Just like you, I do not have urgency or frequency, just agonizing pain. I am currently on as much Hydrocodone (pain narcotic) as I can be taking, just so I am not crying on the floor every day. It has completely changed my life considering I'm only a Sophomore in high school and am trying to get my education along with my career goals. I have become very depressed because I miss school a lot and just in general I AM TIRED OF LIVING WITH THE PAIN. I feel like I am a sick 70 year old at the age of only 16!! I thought I was the only young girl dealing with this until I saw your post. I am terribly sorry you have to go through this at your age (or any age at that). I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. Just thought I'd share my story with you and let you know that you are not alone. Nobody really understands in my family or friends circle and I dont know of any people around my area that are dealing with. it. It'd be nice to talk to someone around the same age group who is going through what I am. Please reply!! And I hope you are coping with this okay. I know it is very hard.