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Question about cystoscopy (male)

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  • Question about cystoscopy (male)

    The one big question I have is, do I really need to have a cystoscopy?

    I'm a guy, I haven't been diagnosed with IC yet, but I definitely know I have it. I know about this one test called a cystoscopy and I just hate the thought of someone sticking a tube up my dong (I'd rather get punched in the mouth or kicked in my privates). Will it make any difference if the doctors just diagnose me (and treat, hopefully) for IC without having that dreaded test, because I will keep refusing it until they give up.

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    Re: Question about cystoscopy (male)

    I was diagnosed based on symptoms and by discarding other potential diseases. A good urologist should be able to do this but I know there are some that insist on doing a cystoscopy. I was fortunate that my urogynecologist didn't insist on this. She was mostly convinced because of my response to dietary triggers. The only thing she insisted on is testing for rare bacteria and I did have to be cathed for this since she wanted a clean sample. I was actually praying I had an infection but alas no and here I am.
    So yeah even if you don't do a cystoscopy you might have to have a tube up your privates but it's a lot easier for males than for females and really it's only a temporary discomfort