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  • Possible ic pls help

    Hello.I am a male 36 years old and i also have problems , all started some months ago.At start i had a feeling to urinate that i felt in my penis and i had to strain to get all the pee out to get some confort .was ok for 15 20 min,i was feeling normal but after the urge started again.after 20 min i started to have the feeling of pee trapped in my urethra but i was able to hold on 2 3 hours.after some months the things got way worse, i pee but even if i strain i get no relief and sometimes i even have stronger urge to pee even if my bladder is fully empty.also have some burning in urethra.i rarely have bladder discomfort but sometimes i have pressure and burning.i also have urethra pain if i do a kegel or if i caugh etc and i feel my pelvic muscles very tight.but the strangest part is sometimes i feel a stonger urge to pee after i just did driving me you think this can be Ic ? For sure i also have some pelvic floor problems but i also think i have Ic.i hope i get some opinions .the doctors in Romania are clearly outdated sadly.ty in advance
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    First of all, I'd like to say to the IC Network.

    Yes, it's possible that what you have is interstitial cystitis (IC) --- and there are some things you can do that may help while you work with your doctors towards a diagnosis.

    Straining can make it worse --- instead of straining, try to relax --- and sit down to urinate. It can help to empty if you stand up part way, then sit down again. Kegels aren't usually good for IC patients.

    If you have IC, diet can be very important --- I suggest that if you aren't already following an IC diet, you begin today. Another suggestion is to be sure you are drinking enough water --- I try to drink six cups per day.

    Keeping a diary could help get your symptoms under control. Jot down time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, when you urinate and about how much, activities, and pain levels. Sometimes the diary can identify things that trigger pain, plus if you share the information with your doctors, it could help towards diagnosis.

    Sending well wishes,
    Stay safe

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      I was diagnosed in 2013 with IC. The best advice I can give is make an appointment with a urologist. Stay away from caffeine, and drink plenty of water.
      Use the diet listed on this site. It has helped me a lot, as well as writing down everything you eat or drink. And if you have pain write it down 1 being
      mild and 5 being painful.