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Intense urethral burning pain for 2 months... Help!

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  • Intense urethral burning pain for 2 months... Help!

    April 14 - Male here. I've been having intense relentless burning pain in urethra for 2 months. I was getting weekly Elmiron instillations for IC for a couple years. In early Feb, my urine was slightly cloudy after instill so I had the uro culture it, came back with a very slight infection (staph epidurmis). Was put on Macrobid for a week, then Omnicef for a week (unnecessarily since infection was cleared, but I reported pain). The pain didn't start until I was on the antibiotics. I've read that they can damage bladder lining (especially the Macrobid), so I assume same could be true of urethral lining. (I've seen male patient stories on other sites of urethral burning after Macrobid, btw.) PA thought I had a prostate infection, put me on Augmentin, but pain kept getting worse, so after 3 days I asked to go off them. I immediately started feeling better, but the pain came back in a few days after my next instillation. Urgent care tested urine & doesn't think I have prostate infection. I skipped my last 2 instillations, thinking that they were irritating the urethra, but the burning pain won't go away. I have a dilemma - try the Elmiron instillations again & risk irritating urethra from catheter, or keep skipping them & continue with pain (which could be referred pain from bladder or prostate, but is definitely burning in urethra.) Pyridium doesn't seem to help, which indicates it may be urethral and not bladder pain, but can't tell for sure. Nurse seems to think the Elmiron may not help the urethra, just the bladder. Desperate for a solution! Any ideas?

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    Consider, instead, a candida infection because of the antibiotic use. We've had multiple studies now which has found a very pathogenic candida in patients who struggle with bladder pain...

    You might find some helpful info here -

    Please remember, as well, that urethra pain and especially pain at the tip of the penis can be referred from the pelvic floor muscles that are in tension. So, if you are having trouble starting your urine stream and/or hesitate to release urine, it could be muscle driven. Many, if not most, of the men we work with have a history of pelvic injury and underlying pelvic floor trauma/tension.

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