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  • My experiences -> looking for some advice

    Hi all,

    Glad I found this place!

    I'm a 34M who has dealt with IC for about 11 years. I've seen multiple urologists and pelvic floor physical therapists without any substantive relief. I've had a few different diagnosis - initially thought to be due to an enlarged prostate but that's not the case.


    For the last decade plus I've been dealing with a constant sense of pressure- think of the sensation of waiting to go too long to the bathroom coupled with a false sense of urgency - constantly needing to go to the bathroom but not needing to.

    Roughly two weeks ago I tried Ditropam 10mg then 15mg. The 15mg caused urinary retention which subsided when I stopped the Ditropam but I've had difficulty returning to baseline since then, particularly with difficult sleeping over the last few days.

    What I've tried

    *Various medications: Ditropam (caused urinary retention), Flomax
    *Various OTC pain meds: Ibuprofen, Tylenol
    *Cystoscopy with hydrodistention: found my bladder was less than half the normal size
    *DMSO catheter installations: made some difference but too painful
    *Low FODMAP diet: some mild improvement but mostly in the GI realm, difficulty to maintain
    *Pelvic Floor PT: No meaningful difference
    *Dry needling acupuncture: Some GI relief but not much in way of urology
    *Bladder neck surgery: Improved the stream somewhat but no symptom relief

    What I'm trying now

    *Medication: Was just prescribed 25mg hydroxyzine - trying it for the first time
    *Yoga: Tried for the first time yesterday
    *Pelvic floor stretches: Have been largely inconsistent, seeking to practice more regularly
    *Meditation: Also have practiced inconsistently

    I've looked through the IC diet. In the duration of my symptoms, I've avoided things like caffeine/alcohol or had them regularly and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I'm wondering, or hoping, that someone here has had similar experiences and a breakthrough. Curious what has worked for folks and what hasn't. Thanks for the time and thanks everyone for sharing their stories.

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    Hello Chridandy, although I have not been diagnosed with IC I have been treated for bladder cancer using BCG immunotherapy. It has given me chemical cystitis which has all the hallmarks of IC. I have had this now since last October. I have flare ups (going through one now) whereby I suffer very painful bladder spasms. I have great difficulty getting hold of any medication that can help. I have been on Solafenacin and just stopped Amitriptyline both of which seemed to cause urinary retention thus more pain.
    . I struggle to walk sometimes and even sitting can be so uncomfortable it really puts a blight on life. Any relief at times would be good.


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      to both of you!

      Have you tried going on an IC diet? If not, I think that's a good beginning step.

      Another thing you might try is to keep a detailed diary, noting everything that goes in your mouth, urinary frequency, pain levels, activities --- to see if you can identify your personal triggers.

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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