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    I just red an article from docotr John Forrest who sais that 50 % of his male patients are suffering from ED. Other docotr say that thsi is very is a very rare symptom of IC. What to believe? What are your symptoms guys??

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    Can I just jump on as a woman and say that I can't imagine NOT developing ED as a result of this disease? Over the past several months, almost a year, every time my husband and I have tried to have sex I've paid in severe pain for up to two weeks afterward. Severe pain.

    So I'm like pavlov's dog. He goes to touch me and all I can think of is "PAIN PAIN PAIN" and down below there is no response other than terror. I can imagine that if I'm having that kind of response, a guy would have the same one, resulting in no response down below, just like me.

    ED makes sense to me, in the world of sexual intercourse causing horrible pain as I know it. The 50% sounds far more likely to me than "rare".


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      I just turned 24 years old and have had IC for about 2 years. I have been on elmiron for about 8 months. I never had ED, but I do have a problem with genital pain and I was getting "soft" erections. After being on elmiron for 5-7 months, I started to gain some of the ridgidity back. Staying completely away from acid, caffeine, and carbonation has helped the pain.


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        I have had IC for 10 years now and never had ED problems but I do have a ton of pain upon ejaculation and afterwards and for days afterwards it feels like I'm on fire down there. That said, I would have to say it could very well contribute to getting or having ED. I do have to say for a man who will be the big 3 zero this year, I and my wife would like to be intimate a lot more frequently. Praying that the pain management will help with this. By the way I also have pain in my genitals on a weekly basis and I have just chalked it up to having IC since I have exam that don't show anything else.
        Good Luck and try not to focus on the pain.(Ya right)