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Erection Problems?

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  • Erection Problems?

    Question for the guys out there...

    I've had urinary freqency symptoms for over 5 years now. Started Feb 1995. I've never had any pain. I was diagnosed with IC on 8/1/2000 by cysto/hydro.

    From 1995 through 1998, I had no erection problems. Could get one when I wanted one and could keep it for as long as I wanted.

    In 1999, I noticed that my nighttime erections disappeared. And by the end of 1999, I was having increasing difficulty getting and maintaining erections.

    Viagra seems to work, but I don't want to depend on it.

    I have pestered my doctors to run diagnostic tests to see exactly what's going on. To date, I've had NPT test, SSEP nerve ending, CAV-VAS blood flow, numerous blood tests to measure testosterone, and a few semen analysis. All test results indicate no problems.

    Anyone else have problems?

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    I've had IC for 12 years and I do have pain with it. I have some problems with maintaining an erection and achieving orgasm. I have experienced pain as well as frequency during sex, but even when I don't, my mind tells me there is the chance of it and that puts an end to things. I have to tell myself I can and I will and then I do. I do use Viagra and it helps. It also helps when my girlfriend encourages me. I don't know what kind of medications you are using but some can affect sexual performance. Not sure if this helps you are not, just sharing my experience. Charlie