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  • Ureaplasma

    Yesterday I had a cystscope procedure which showed a slight redness of the bladder. The doctor did not think it was IC because it would have showed more irritation to the bladder. However today the doctor called me and told me that the lab had found growth of ureaplasma in my urine culture. I find this quite incredible since I have take doxycykline for 3 months 9 months ago because my first uro suspected prostatitis. However during cystscopy my new doctor did not find the prostate to be abnormal. So I am quite sure that my problems is bladder related instead of prostate related. I was wondering if there could be any possibility that the ureaplasma in my bladder could be resistant to doxycykline. Have anyone experienced cure from a different antibiotic when ureaplasma don`t respond to the doxycykline.
    Best Regards Martin