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  • Bacterial IC

    I am a newly diagnosed man which refuses to accept to live with this condition. The whole thing started with bacterial infection after cathetrization. I still think there is bacteria lurking in my bladder. I have red several stories and have visited DR.Fugazzotto web page who claims that 90% of his Ic patients recover after long term antibiotic therapy. He claims that ordinary culturing methods are useless and some kind of broth culture have to be done to detect any bacteria. As I said I have red several success stories and I have also spoken with a lady from Sweden where I live who got cured from this disease after 9 months of antibiotics. On her they found enterococcus in the broth culture.
    I would be very appreciated if someone had any experience from this method.

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    I believe this too. In fact 1 antibiotic took one of my symptoms away completely when the others had done nothing. And this was long after all the specialists just said IC and treat with the usual stuff. I did do Dr. F's method for 3 months but it didn't work for me. While I do believe that this is probably bacterial I don't think it's as simple as the Dr. F method unfortunately. Anyway I don't think he's doing this anymore but there's another lab that does the same kind of testing...I believe it's in VA?


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      I have been on antibiotics for 15 months now. The first 12 months were due to UTI's that refused to go away and now I'm on a 3 month course of cinobac. I will be cultured again on Monday but I'm sure the UTI's are gone for now, we'll see what happens after I go off the cinobac.

      My uro was convinced that alot of my pain was being caused by the UTI's. NOT [img]mad.gif[/img] I have been with this uro for a year now and the only thing I've learned is that my urine has got to be cultured because it very very rare that infection show in a dip test.
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