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I was diagnosed 2 months ago

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  • I was diagnosed 2 months ago

    Hello to everyone. Im a 21 year old male from South Carolina. I guess I should have posted in this category already. Ive already posted in many others. Anyway I was diagnosed 2 months ago. The first 2 doctors I went to thought I had prostatitis. Thats the case with many men. Then the third doctor found I had Ic. I consider myself very lucky though. Ive read many stories where people went for months and years before getting correct diagnosis. Ive been on elmiron for 2 months. I think it might actually be starting to help some. Every since Ive been sick I can't leave my house much. Ive had many symptoms including pain in Rectum, Pubic Bone, testicles, and mainly in my Urethra. The strange thing is I do not have urgency to urinate. I know thats the main symptom. Anyway I would like to get to know everyone. Ive lost most of my friends since coming down sick. Seems like people just forget about you when your sick. Thats been the worst part of Ic for me. I feel all alone. Anyway enough about that. We are all here to help each other. Im open to answer any question about my Ic. These boards are great for assistance. I know Ive learned alot here alraedy. Take care everyone.
    In God I trust.

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    I know the feeling. I first started having symptoms at age 19. I didn't leave the house much either. I thought as soon as I get well I will go back out to the real world again. After sitting around my parents house for two months in misery and feeling sorry for myself I said I can't let this control my life. I went back to college and fought through it. It did damper my life and I couldn't party like most of my friends and classmates (Alcohol is my #1 irritator). I am now 26 and was finally diagnosed with IC after being misdiagnosed with prostititis for 7 years. I just started treatment two months ago (Elmiron, amytryptylin, MSM liquid). I own my own business and just bought my first house last year. Don't let IC keep you down. It does suck but don't let it control your life if you can help it. I deal with pain and frequency everyday. I also take a lot of pain meds. Mornings are awful for me. Since my recent diagnosis I actually have some hope. NOw I know what I am fighting. Your lucky as a male to be diagnosed so quickly. This site is very helpful and I hope to find something that works for me. I lot of people are being helped by Jacobs Lab. They do DMSO2 installations and have a topical and liquid MSM which has helped people. I'm currenly taking the MSM liquid. I hope you find something too that helps. Don't hesitate to e-mail me.
    [SIZE="1"][SIZE="2"]Please send all private messages to [email protected]. I do not check my ICN mailbox much.
    24/7 Bladder Pain, Mild Urgency and Frequency. Always tired and fatigued. Trouble sleeping due to bladder pain and trips to bathroom.
    Alcohol(big time!), Soft drinks. Foods dont bother me.
    Current Supplements: None presently
    Conventional medications!!!!!: Nuerontin, Hydroxyzine, Elmiron, Tramadol
    Tried many other medications... will list later