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  • Jim in San Antonio
    Hope your symptoms resolve completely. I had prostate cancer and had the prostate removed two years ago, so I can’t ejaculate anymore (had nerve-sparing surgery, so erections can still happen). This all seems unrelated to my IC symptom of constant sensation of incomplete bladder emptying (four years now). I’m pretty much at the end of my rope and considering TRIAL neurostim implant. I don’t really have “pain” like a lot of IC patients, but rather the feeling of having to go all the time.

    Actually it’s conceivable that the cancer somehow “messed up” the nerves in the bladder area. At any rate, removing the prostate had no effect on sensation. Dealing with cancer was easy compared to this IC-like thing.

    Good luck,

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  • cak
    I am new to this board, been on this board for about 2 days. I am not a confirmed IC sufferer yet. But i do have some of the symptoms common for the IC sufferer. In my introductory posts, i didnt mention about my sexual problems cos i felt most of the readers were women. I dont know how it will reflect. Since it is being discussed here, i too will post my experience.

    First of all, I am not a long time sufferer of IC symptoms, but only for about 1.5 months.

    2 weeks into these problems, when i masturbated, i ejaculated really fast (like 30 seconds), and i was really scared. a week later i tried again, again i had the same problem, premature ejaculation and this time i thought my ejaculate was yellowish in color, and my perenium burned when ejaculating. During this time i couldnt get "up" easily and couldnt maintain it. When my doc asked me to go for a seminal analysis, when i was collecting my sample i didnt even get an erection to ejaculate. It just came out. But the results of seminal analysis was all fine. I forgot to mention that during this time my tool seemed like really shrunken. I ve never seen my tool so small I thought i turned impotent over a period of 3 weeks and i am not married and got no kids.

    I dont know what happened, for the past week, my errections are more spontaneous, and i dont have premature ejaculations any more and my ejaculate seems normal, and my tool is returning to normal length.I never took any medication for this. But i took a 5 day course of amoxycilline for upper respiratory problems. I dont know if it might have helped, I dont see a connection between antibiotics and errection problem, which can be solved by taking it for 5 days.

    I ve read in some news groups that, it is always better to have a regular pattern of sex (like 3 times a week) and stay with it, dont over do it and dont let your "system" rust

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  • kenzycodi
    I have pelvic floor dysfunction, meaning my pelvic muscles do not relax like they should. This causes me to not empty completely sometimes. I am a woman though, ask and see if men can get PFD. Sorry not more help!


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  • Martin
    I have the same problem as you Ramon. The doc can not explain why but my theorie is that there is some kind of nerve damage from the IC. This is really frustrating for me. I have been living in totall celibacy since this happened. Dont know how much lonh I can take this

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  • tigger_gal
    have you disscussed these issuse with your doctor? your impotence may be medical related. I would seek advice form your doctor.
    I do have ic but I am a woman and no my bladder dose not ever completely empty. I believe there are a few with us with the none emptying bladder syndrome. sorry Icoludd not offer you any better feed back.. there is a great diet on the main page and there is a place that has men with ic.
    good luck to you

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  • sansrx
    started a topic BLADDER NOT EMPTYING


    I've posted in the past without a positive outcome.

    Would like to hear from anyone having achieved good results.
    I no longer have urinary urgencies, can go without peeing for up to five hours.
    After thinking I'm done, I continue pushing below navel & there's more stored in the bladder.
    It's affecting my non-existant sex life.
    My diet has received a major overhaul:
    No smoking, sugars, including pastries, coffee, eggs, breads, milk, cheese, except cottage cheese which I mix with flax oil) spicy foods, alcohol, chocolates, carbonated drinks, soy, etc..
    YES Exercise, salads, Spinach, broccoli, sardines, salmon, garlic, onions, nuts, brown rice, olive oil, chlorophyll, teas, (green, pau d arco) CoQ10, BetaGlucan, Total Mineral Formula, Beta Prostate Formula (300 mg betasitosterol in one tab), Androstenedione, EsterC, E w/Gamma,
    keeping my weight below 27 on the BMI, etc..
    And with all these positive changes I'm not getting it up when I see an atractive woman (I used to!!)