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  • Impotence

    Hi everybody.
    I am 24 year old student who has been suffering from IC for 3 years soon. The discomfort and frequency is not a problem for me I can handle it, but the impotence really make my life situation very poor. I have been to many doctors who just says it is in you head, but I really thinks itiis due to my IC, Because the problem started the day I start noticing my IC problem.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what can be done to correct it. Elmiron??

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    Martin, have you been to a urologist who totally understands IC in men and also understands the ramifications, including impotence if that is one? I went to many doctors for years before I was even diagnosed with IC, so many doctors don't have a clue. In any case, Elmiron has helped me immensely combined with Elavil. Elmiron takes a few months to start to work, but it help many of us. Elavil, though, and some other anti-depressants (which I understand interfere with the pain receptors) can be a problem for sex. They are coming out with new ones that are supposed to be better.

    Just FYI, my boyfriend is impotent from meds he has to take and it has just made us much more creative in the sex department. In fact, we were never so creative before and didn't spend so much time on the little things that feel good. It helps that we've know each other for years and can communicate about it.

    That is not to say that I don't sympathize with your situation. It must be very difficult to deal with this in your 20's, and I'm confident that with the right doctor's help, you will figure it out.


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      Thanks for yot answears
      I have also been thinking alla the time that it is my IC that causese my erectile dysf. My symptoms of IC is just frequency and urgency. I have no pain. But during a cystoscopy the doctor found a swelling in the bottom of my bladder, in the mucous membrane. I was wondering if anyone has experienced that Elmiron has helpt with this kind of problem. I mean does Elmiron give the erection back, vause it is suppose to heal the bladder right.


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        You may want to try the following message board
        It is specific to men with chronic prostatitis and has physicains incluiding urologists as contributors. I found it through this web site for which I will be eternelly grateful. Chronic prostatitis and IC are either closely related or the same disease. Its call chronic pelvic pain syndrom (CPPS) and the symptoms are identical. I suggest you visit them. The women on this board have done an outstanding job of creating a forum for voicing their problems and orgaizing efforts for further research. Stop by the CPPS board and I think you will find many answers. In the meantime , it wouldn't hurt to get a small contribution to this organization for their great efforts. I did. I'm a physician and found more relatent answers here than talking with some of my urology friends. At least I got pointed in the right direction which is 90% of the battle.CP/CPPS
        MD (radiologist, not urologist) This is not intended as medical advice and consultation with your doctor is suggested before any action is taken.


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          Hey not to worry because Impotence has become a very normal issue now.It's very easy to fight with this


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            Male Impotency is type of issue that needs cure. It is curable with drugs such as penegra. For more information about this ED drug visit blog here: penegra tablets