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    What kind of symptoms do you have?
    Please let us all know if you feeling any better after treatment with antibiotic and massages...

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    Crud, I am really sorry about the late replies, I am either very busy if not flaring, or buried in a quilt if I am flaring, and tend to miss a lot of stuff on the board.

    I have not yet found a doc that is willing to administer the manila protocol....... I thought I had, but a couple backed out at the last minute !

    I have taken the issue into my own hands, and have been using a device called "the crystal wand" to perform self massage or have my ex perform the massage (her fingers won't reach, nails too long anyway).
    I am in week 4 of the treatment, and have been using "oreganol" which is a natural antiseptic as opposed to antibiotics. I have not noticed a large change in my IC symptoms at all, but I had a followup lab test done and the staph A. is GONE from my prostate, and the texture/color of my ejaculate has returned to the way it was when I was young and healthy! Also, much of my post-ejaculate burning is waning fast.
    The power of ejaculation is still not where it needs to be for my age, but I feel that may be do to dysfunction of my "Accelerator Urine" muscle. See my post in "success stories" about some major revalations I've been having using concerted relaxation efforts, AFTER knowing your anatomy COMPLETELY!!

    I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and would be glad to share with you details of the massage, material sources, and anatomy/relaxation revaltions as well, either publically or privately. It's amazing what we will talk about after suffering for so long, I would have NEVER thought I would dicuss this type of thing publically, let alone with other men! Getting over the stigma of talking frankly has been a huge help in searching for treatments for me.

    I'll be more vigilant about checking for replies, my apologies. I want EVERYONE with IC to be CURED, and we for damn sure deserve it. The quality of life indicators weren't lying, and only we understand this.

    [email protected] , anytime, anyone, any topic



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      To answer the first question, I have experienced all of the following together, at some point:

      "Extreme" can apply to any and all:

      Frequency, Urgency, Colicky Pain, Acute Pain, Shooting pain (from bladder to perenaeum mainly), IC diagnosed by hydrodistension, weak stream, inability to clear last droplets from urethra, diminished ejaculate force, burning after ejaculation, odd connection between belly button and penis tip sensitivity, and even more.

      I don't have the worst case of IC, nor do I have the "best" case. I do have many symptoms, but between the massages and the anatomy/relaxation efforts, I feel I am making MAJOR strides. I really really feel becoming a urinary anatomy expert is something that every IC patient should do! I use the term expert loosely, I just mean knowing what every terminology and process within the urinary section in gray's anatomy means, and how every evacuative process applies to your personal symptoms. I am currently concertedly aware of relaxation techniques, I have either a string or rubber band on my hand to remind me to continue to relax the muscles I've been able to relax ONLY since learning about their function, location and role in evacuation processes. I am going to revisit myofascial release and biofeedback now that I know exactly which muscle is doing what, at which stage.