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Update on Adrianna and Shriners

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  • Update on Adrianna and Shriners

    Hello Ladies, We are home from St Louis with Adrianna and I wanted to give you the events of her appointment and the outcome.

    We left for St louis at 7:30 am this morning. The drive went pretty well, and traffic was down to a minimal amount and we made it there about 30 minutes before her appointment. I filled out tons of paper work and authorization forms for them to treat her.

    The Hospital is so nice! They have everything to treat children and are very well equiped. We were very pleased.

    They called her name and we took her back to x-ray so they could get pictures of her hips and legs. She was such and angel! angel She was good and laid and stood very still through all the x-rays. We got to put on these big lead vests to protect ourselves during the x-ray. Next they took her to photography. This I thought was soo neat, because they had a little 'stage' set up and Adrianna got up on the stage and a nurse took her photo id, and then we had to undress her so she could get pictures of her legs and hips for record. She had so muchh fun during this. She kinda danced around a bit at first, and then she stood still for the pictures. They got pictrues of her legs and feet from all angles.

    After the pictures we were led to a room with lots of toys and this is where we waited for the physical therapist and doctor to see her. It was not too long of a wait- i's say 10 minutes or so. The doctor and pysical therapist 'bent' her around for all kinds of flexibilityy tests, and measuring her hips and thigh bones and tested her with several muscles tests. (The one she liked best was when the nurse told her to kick up in the air as fast as hard as she could) She was a trooper! The doctor said that over all she is healthy. The pt. on the other hand concluded that she has a motor delay, and that she has too much rotation in her hips and legs for her age, meaning that her muscles are very weak, and not elongating to her growth.

    The treatment for rite now is a long term phsical therapy treatment and stability excercises. I am taking her to our local hospital here for the pt, and then the pt here will confer back and fourth to shriners.

    Also, we are returing to St louis in february so that Adrianna can be seen by a nurologist to have an mri and cat scan to determing to what extent the motor deprivation is. They said that by examinging the mri results they can see the section of the brain and determine just how underdeveloped it is and to what extent the therapy will help her.

    If she does not make any progress on her pysical therapy, by februray then shriners will reccoment leg braces for stability and 'form'.

    I consider this a good outcome so far. They really are very caring staff there at Shriners. And Have I never seen sooo many TOYS!! I sat down to play with A.J. while we waited and I looked like a kid amongst all those toys.

    I am writing a Thank you note to Shriners to tell them how much we appriciate their help and care they are giving A.J.

    I will continue to update you on her progress..

    more to come.


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    Hey Christine,
    Sounds great. I thought you'd have a positive experience with the Shriner's. It's so great some caring person/s start groups like those that help children. I'm glad overall today was good for ya!
    Tons of support,

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      Hi Christine, sounds like everything went very well at the Shriners. I know my Hannah has those braces and they work very well to give her the stability she needs with her muscles. Keep us posted as how your little one is doing, and yourself. Really glad the trip went well, take care and hugs Iris hi bunny
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        Thanks for the replies Iris and Jaime! It was such a good experience for A.J. Shriners does good work, and they made her feel safe and secure and thats why i feel she wasnt scared at all! They are sooo good to their kids they help. By the way, I got to meet One of the Imperial Potantates while we were there and talked about Shriners work also. He was such a nice man.
        More to come from her therapy and shriners in february.

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          Sounds like Adrianna got a positive report! I hope things keep on looking up for her!

          Hugs and love,
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