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    My son who is 24yrs old told me last week that he has had some pain in one of his testicles. Like an aching. He has had surgery on both of them a few yrs ago because one of them became twisted inside and they had to fix it and went ahead and did the other one too. After that he hasn't had any trouble since. This pain is definitely not like that pain then. He went to our family dr today and the dr is having an ultrasound done this week.

    My husband has had testicular cancer many yrs ago and so I was concerned about it being that. He went to the dr today and the dr is having him have an ultrasound done and on the order it said testiculardynia. So I guess I am asking if when your IC started do you have pain in the testicle also? He doesn't complain about urinating or pain in the bladder so it probably isn't that. I have vulvadynia along with IC so I didn't know if men can get the same thing like vulvadynia without IC only it is the testicle of course. I hope this makes sense. I am very worried about him . the pain has subsided and the dr didn't say anything about an infection or anything like that so maybe it is just something that came and went. Hope so!

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    Judy, I am posting a reply so that maybe this can get on the daily again...maybe someone can answer your question. Julie
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      Hi! I remember my nurse mentioning to me that men have a lot of testicular pain with IC. Hope it's nothing at all! Take care, Sue


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        Originally posted by Julie B:
        Judy, I am posting a reply so that maybe this can get on the daily again...maybe someone can answer your question. Julie
        thanks Julie,
        My son had the ultrasound and the radiologist told him there was a "lump" there but it was just a cyst. I am sick about this because our dr told us there was nothing there so I don't know if the radiologist didn't put it in the report or if the dr feels that it is not important. Our family dr (the one I always complain about but thought he would take this seriously) didn't feel a second opinion was necessary. It is bad because my husband had an appt last week and since my son is ignoring the situation right now we asked the dr about the report. We know he isn't suppose to give our any information but we have been going to him for 25yr and went through hell with my husband having testicular cancer that he might help. He said he isn't going to talk to our son regarding seeing a specialist. So it is up to us and we have been waiting for him to come home from his job up north. I am hoping my husband can talk him into going to a urologist that he has been too and to not take this "lump or not" lightly. It isn't worth it but he is young (24yrs) and I think very fearful of this since my husband had it when he was in his twenties also. I know he knows better but fear of knowing is coming over him ,i think.
        I have cried many tears over this the past week since I talked to my dr regarding this and his no help attitude.
        By the way, the radiologist, told him that if he had swelling it could be cancer but he doesn't have swelling yet so it is ok!!! Can you believe it?


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          Well.......I DO have testicular pain, so bad that I can hardly walk at times. I have heard that other guys have the same problem, but couldn't tell you for a fact first hand. Any other questions about us men and IC, just e-mail me: [email protected]


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            Well I am not sure about IC but I do know that a cist on the testicle is common every male member of my family has them. they do cause some pain. I have constant pain, frequency and urgency. I would recommend that your son see a urologist as soon as possible. I have been through so many tests with no diagnosis. The latest test was the potassium test with negative results. I am so tired of living with the constant pain frequency and urgency. I havent even got a name to my affliction. What I really need is some ideas as to the next step.