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  • Poor Erections???

    Question for the guys out there...

    For the past five years, I've had the frequent need to urinate anywhere from 10 - 20 times a day. Urine stream is slow and weak as well. During this time, I have also had some minor lower back pain. Went to many doctors over the years, and it wasn't until 8/1/00 that my current uro said that I had IC after performing cysto/hydro.

    This past December, I began to notice that the "quality" of my erections was not good. It was taking me longer to get an erection, and I found that shortly after getting one, it would just wilt away.

    I also noticed that I was no longer waking up with "morning wood." Uro sent me home with a night-time monitoring device. Test results of the monitoring confirmed my observation of no longer having erections while sleeping. (Healthy guys should have 2-3 erections a night.)

    Curious if any of the guys out there have also experienced problems with erections as a result of their IC condition? My uro firmly believes that the two are not related and I'm having some type of neurological problem aside from IC. Hard for me to believe.

    My uro suggested that I try out viagra to see what that can do for me. I gave viagra a "test drive" the other day, and while my erection quality was a wee bit better, I still had the problem of it wilting.

    On 9/5/00 I'm scheduled to go back to hospital and have urodymanics testing done since my uro thinks that I might have a neurogenic bladder condition on top of my IC. The good news is that the urodynamics testing *might* also explain what's happened to my erections.

    All of this is very frustrating to say the least since I've never in my entire life had ANY difficulty getting an erection. (Honest, this is not my male ego talking.) Having IC and urinating non-stop is bad enough, but losing the ability to achieve and keep an erection at age 30...well I'm sure you get my point no matter if you're male or female.



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    Hi, Derrick! I'm sorry this is happening to you. It's a terrible thing to have happen to anyone at any age, especially such a young age. I hope they can find the answer for you, and also a cure.

    I was reminded of something I read in a book by...I think it was Dr. Gillespie? It was entitled something like "You don't have to live with cystitis..." or something like that. (I'm not good with details.) Anyway, she wrote that oftentimes, IC was actually caused by something neurological....for instance, a back injury involving some nerves, etc...often, people treated for back injuries, even when so minor they weren't even aware of back pain, found their IC cured as well...seems to be a connection somehow...I'm thinking that might be what is going on with you, maybe an undiagnosed back injury, slipped disk, etc. that a doc or chiropractor might be able to fix?

    I hope you are able to find the cause/cure soon. I know how miserable IC can be, and I can just imagine having other worries on top of that, fun.....hope it gets better for you soon.

    Love, Leora


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      Derrick, I was diagnosed with prostatitis and given Flomax. Helps with urine flow very well. I also take a formula called "The Prostate Formula" that contains saw palmetto, vitamins and soothing herbs. This helps burning when urinating.
      New uro diagnosed IC and gave me Detrol to reduce frequency. So now I'm taking something to make me pee and something to stop me from going.
      I noticed the night time woody goes away when my symptoms are bad. In fact, it wasn't until they came back and my symptoms went away that I noticed the connection.
      I have been taking Larginine to reduce symptoms and found as a nice side benefit it helps erections. Found out later that some call it natures viagra.
      I've had IC for 2 years and take multiple antioxidants with some luck. Currently working with an accupuncturist that definately helps. Just started Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs but it's way to early to tell.
      Best of luck to you. Hope all goes well.


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        I have noticed a difference in the quality of my erections also. I'm not sure if it is the pain or from some other cause. Good luck!


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