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  • Enterococcus

    I am a 24 year old boy living in Sweden who suffres from IC or at leat I think it is IC.
    My main symptoms are frequency not during the night though. I dont have any pain or so but I also suffer from ED which I think is linked to the IC. However I had a cysto done 4 monts ago. The docor told me that there was a swelling in the bootom if the bladder in the mucous membrane. The doctor did a biposy which revealed inflammation. But he still told me that I did not have IC. So I went abroad to see a different doctor who I very knowledgable in IC and prostatitis which I also suffer mildly from. He ran some test including APF which was positive. This was a marker for IC he told me, so that way O got my diagnosis. However the culture also revealed enterococus faecalis. The docotr I went to explained to me that the enterococcus was not causing the symptoms but they probably made it worse. But going on antibiotics would not heal my bladder it would only easy my discomfort when on the abx. The heal my bladder I have to take Elmiron, he told me. However I still have very great respect for this doc but I have my doubts when reading about people that has been fully cured after months of target specified antibiotics, So I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? Has anyone get fully cured after long term antibiotics. Or is it just temporary which the doc tells me? I would be very appreciated if I got some advice from you.
    Also is there any guy out ther that have had improved erection from Elmiron therapy?'
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Martin,

    I have had IC since I was a 15 year-old male and can tell you that I have never had any relief from an antibiotic regimen. That is not to discourage you from trying antibiotics. I am sure that some people do respond to it. I think that everyone that has IC will be prescribed an antibiotic regimen at least once, mostly since IC symptoms mimic regular urinary tract infections. I am glad that you do not suffer from the painful inflammation, which many like myself suffer from, but I empathize with your frequency problems. I would love to correspond with you further if you are interested in exchanging email addresses.


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      I don't know of anyone who has actually been healed from IC. Maybe some wack-o writting a book only looking to make money but never an actual person that has been cured.

      There are remissions and they can last from days to years. I have a 49 year old cousin who has IC and she has only had 2 flares that actually put her to bed for a couple of months but those are the only 2 big episodes she's had.

      If you find a dr who tells you that he/she is going to heal you and it's going to cost you a ton of So many of us have been suckered into paying out hundreds and hundreds of dollars and all's we got was more broken hearted.

      Find a good uro. Someone willing to work with you. And, hopefully you will find a course of treatment that will make you as comfortable as possible.

      And, WELCOME to the ICN
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        At this point in time IC is not considered by the medical community to be curable. There are some people who experience remissions that can last from a few weeks to several years.

        If you have an active infection, antibiotics may help part of your symptoms.

        I hope you find some relief soon.

        Sending a welcoming hug,
        Stay safe

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