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recently diagnosed with I.C.

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  • recently diagnosed with I.C.

    I have been struggling with pain, urgency & frequency for over 12 yrs. It started when i was 36 yo. I did the doctor circuit many times. Was told i have Prostatdynia, non-bacterial prostatitis, or pelvic floor muscle syndrom. It really has disrupted my life. Would like to hear from other guys. This is one heck of a lonely experience.My e-mail address is [email protected]

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    Hi Joseph! Welcome to ICN. I've only been here about 7 weeks. Hope you're making yourself at home here. There's a wealth of info at this site. I encourage you to do some "surfing." I've been dealing with what I though was bladder infections for years as well as chronic pelvic pain of "unknown etiology." Basically, this means that the mds couldn't figure it out! Anyway, would love to chat with you sometime & hear your "story."

    Wishing you many "good" days,