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  • not sure what I have?

    shortly after turning 27,four months ago. I started to have urgency & frequency symptoms,strong symptoms. My first uro bombarded me with tests(uroflo,Ivp,ultrasounds & cystoscopy) He saw my bldder was swollen & diagnosed me with chronic cystitis. He also said I might have prostatitis or neuromuscular disorder. He also gave me a lot of antibiotics,People @ worked joked that I should work in the mail room. I then went to a very renowned uro & he said I PROBABLY have IC or neuromuscular disorder. Without tests. He is currently treating me with elavil & an erbal supplement. I
    see that most people with IC suffer with pain, I don't have pain, but a lot of discomfort & muscle tension in my groing area (especialy after voiding). Any thoughts as to Ic or neuromuscular disorder?

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    Hey Spooky ,I'm a guy to with all sorts of interstitial cystitis problems.I'm 29 and was diagnosed with it after a cytoscopy this past April.I here you when you say you have discomfort.Has any treatment options helped you at all?The only time i felt any relief was after my hydrotistension after the cystoscopy.I have been to 3 uro's and im about to go through another cystoscopy because the pain and discomfort are unbearable at times.I have been through DMSO treatments,all kinds of medications including Elmiron,and no relief in site.

    I would like to here from you or any male who is going through this??


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      Hi guys:My name is Michael and I have dealt with IC for more then 10 years, although I did not know what I had until about 3 years ago. I feel for any one who gets this IC stuff because there seems to be no cure at this time. However, there are teatments that seem to help a lot. I have looked on the message board and have found good ideas on treament that seem to help. I have tryed the DMSO cocktail twice for 6 weeks, 2 times aweek. This seems to help with the inflamatoin for a while then you have to do it again in about 4 months or so. No one is the same it seems. It you try the DMSO it seems to help more if you do them the way I did, however there is no way to tell if it will work the same for every person. I have found a lot of help on the message board under treatment that were successful. I use Ultram for the pain, as it seems to have the least amount of side effects. I also use Elavil for sleep and it seems to help with the getting up 4 to 6 times a night to pee. I have seen other drugs listed on the message board that have helped with this problem, like, Trazodone, Detrol, Neurontin, And of course your whole line of opiets, which I will not use because I don't want to deal with being adiccted to opiets. I have heard of an induction like the DMSO cocktail that uses Kenolog and Lidocaine that seems to help for good releif up to almost a week, so I am going to check into that soon. If you guys try any inductions at all insist on using Lidocaine with them as it will help with the buning during the treatments. I wish that I would have head about that a long time ago. I did the DMSO inductions with no Lidocain and it burnd like Hell, but it seemed to help in the long run so I put up with the pain. Don't be afraid to try some of the treatments that are shared on the message board or at least mentoin them to your uro. I think there is a drug list under treatments for IC on the internet, as I have checked it out before. If you guys would like to share back and forth here is my e-mail address [email protected] it is my hope that you guys will find good treatments and a uro that is caring. I am having to look for a new uro as I just move to Iowa. I have a good PCP that is willing to work with me so that helps. I will look forward to hearing from you All in the near future. Sincerely, Michael [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]