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  • Bowel movement pain

    Does anyone out there experience extra pain before and after bowel movements?

    This seems to haunt me - I wake up about 3-4am every night in pain - sometimes the pain is so intense that the body just wants to throw up or purge - and once purging is over it takes about 1-2 hours for the pain to settle down. Some nights are not as bad as others and sometimes I manage to have bowel movements around 7-9am which I prefer but not very often.

    I also notice if stool is not as soft then I know I am in for more pain - so I heat fiber religiously and that helps a bit.

    As all know sexual activity can cause more pain or flair as bladder is being irritated so to me bowel movements make sense as causing pain as the lower bowels are so close to the bladder. Just have not seen or heard people mention this.

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    It's an unpleasant topic to discuss, but I have the same thing as you. In the beginning, I thought I was going into a flare, but as I have learned, that is not usually the case. When I have to have a bowel movement, I almost always get IC pain. It seems to go away shortly after I go. I wouldn't say my pain is as intense as you describe yours, but it is bad IC pain. I don't know if I read it somewhere or someone on the site said it, but it seems that the nerves for the bladder and colon and such is all really close to each other. Something going on in that area can give you IC pain. I don't know if I am describing it correctly, but you get the gist. Maybe someone will see this and give their take on it. Good luck. This disease is so hard! I pray for a cure.


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      My husband experiences pain during bowel movements to the point that he's passed out from the pain before. In his case I don't believe it's so much the IC as it is the fact that his prostate is more than 3 times the size it should be so anything passing through or putting pressure around his lower abdomen causes him immense pain.

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        I notice the same thing with me. I have endometriosis, so I always assumed it was that causing the pain with BMs. But then, I had an awesome doc take all the endo out (cutting it out, hard to finda doc who does that). And I still had pain. My physical therapist said that all the muscles down there are connected, so it makes sense that if you have IC, it'll hurt to have a BM as well. Other than like you said.. having a lot of fiber and water to make it softer, I have don't have much advice. With me, even if it's soft, sometimes it hurts to go. You could try to relax your muscles before you go (which I know is hard.. because you're all tense because you have to go).. sometimes that helps me. Good luck!


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          I used to experience constant rectal pain for a year and a half, especially before and after a bowel movement. I was eventually diagnosed by a gi lab with rectal spasms called anisumus which was irritating my pudendal nerve. The pain was excruciating. I believe it started from tight pelvic floor muscles from constantly urinating which led to severe constipation( I was guilty of straining)

          Eventually I was placed on cymbalta( up to 160 mg) and that pretty much got rid of my pain. My doctor also added baclofen ( anti spastic) which would stop the spasms dead in its tracks and 5% lidocaine ointment to apply to my rectum if I had a painful bm.

          My rectum is doing so well I only need to use the lidocaine couple times a month and have been off of cymbalta for 2 years. This is not medical advice, just letting you know what finally ended my torturous pain.

          Good luck!
          current meds- ditropan 5mg xl, neurontin 300 mg. zanaflex for pelvic floor spasms Most meds, IC meds included, cause me bladder pain

          previous med- elmiron( nothing after 8 months), atarax ( to sleepy), ditropan ( retention), Cymbalta, cystoprotek( worsened flare) has helped many others, aloe vera ( worsened flare), lyrica( irritated bladder.

          interstim implant (reduces my ic pain)January,2007


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            I have not experienced much in the way of extra pain during BM's but I can see how and why it could occur.

            Maybe this is to simple of an idea to work but could you ask your doctor about a safe stool softener and maybe take it in a timed way to where it would allow you to have easier BM sometime other than 3-4 am. It seems if it worked and you could get the timing right that it would help both sleep and be less painful if easier out. Or is it possible to change your heavy fiber consumption time to adjust the time you might expect the BM?

            Symptoms: started July 2007

            New pain medication regimen has things under pretty good control for many weeks now. Exercise and eating healthy along with pain control have given me new life.

            Current Symptoms: pain in testicles, penis and general groin area. Other discomfort that is beyond pain, a maddening crazed feeling that defies description. New pain medication has most symptoms under good control.

            Frequency and urgency was a problem the first year or so but frequency is normal now.

            Diagnosed: Prostatitis first then IC by Cysto/Hydro

            Current Meds: Hydroxyzine 25mg 3 x day, Pyridium 200mg 3 x day (off 3-4 days on 3-4 days), Oxycodone, Norvasc (BP).

            Past medications and treatments:
            Protatitis and IC diet strict for 6 months, no change. Still watch diet although nothing seems to help or make worse. Have tried reverse, ate lemons to see if worse but no change at all.

            Meds tried - Amitriptyline, Detrol, Flomax, Cipro, Doxycycline. many other antibiotics, Uroxatrol, Vicoprofen, Elmiron (6 months at $320 mo nothing), Aloe, Cysprotek, Glucosamine, Marshmallow, various oils, tons more stuff to strange and numerous to recount. Hydrodistension for diagnostic was horrible for two weeks after I was sure I must be going to die because nothing could feel that way and let you live.


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              I agree with Mike. Have you talked with your doctor about your pain? If not, I think you should.

              Stay safe

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                I have been fighting IC for over five years and only recently (past year) have I experienced pain with BMs. It is worse than the bladder spas and burning! Started a laxitive recently which helps a little. Gas is als painful, so I switched from fiber to Miralax which seem to reduce the gas.

                Good Luck an God Bless



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                  I have taken Miralax for a year every other day on the advice of my Doctor. It's been a major help with many problems with IC and other health problems I have. Many stores have their own brand and it is cheaper. I looked at the main ingredient and they are the same. I would ask your Doctor before taking anyt kind of OTC items, herbs, etc. What might be good for one person maybe bad for another. I hope you find help soon. Hugs, Ziggy