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Small particles in urine might be blood clots?

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  • Small particles in urine might be blood clots?

    I have a question and hope someone knows what the issue might be.
    I don’t know if this is something that only occurs in men or all IC patients.
    I’m peeing out bits of blood colored particles that kind of looks like little blood clots or particles of bladder lining? It doesn’t hurt but I’ve found that when I have that constant need to pee (even after I have just emptied my bladder) I still have an urgent need to go. I find myself standing over the urinal for ten minutes or more trying to drain my already emptied bladder. When I force myself to pee I’ll have more than, what I described as usual amounts and sometimes I must force this process along. I try to wait until I can’t stand it then when I try to go I’ll have a lot of particles with a very small amount of urine. Does anyone have anything like this happening to them?
    I feel like I must be wasting away my bladder a little bit at a time? I’m going to talk to my Doctor about this, but thought I would ask the group first. If it’s normal IC problems I won’t worry so much about this.

    Thanks, Jimmy

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    Bob does get that sometimes as well. He does find sitting to pee easier and does not have to strain as much, and gets more volume that way. But you might want to take in a sample and have it tested for infection, just to be safe. Bob gets that just peed gotta pee again feeling as well, he just tries to relax after (if you have that luxury), lie down for a bit and it kinda goes away for a while. What a pain! He does get bits in his pee, usually during a flare, so far he has been infection free TG. Men seem to be less prone, but just for your peace of mind, would get it checked. What a horrible feeling! Try forcing tolerable fluids and that may clear things up. Could be your pee is concentrated and irritating. Just some thoughts. Sorry you are feeling this way, but this too shall pass. Take care of yourself. Jill, wife of Bob


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      Thanks Jill, I'm at work and can't lie down anyplace around here. I hope I don't have to quit working.....I'm doing OK here but at times I must take a day or two off because of the pain. Hey, now that you mention it, I do have more after a flare. I had the 'items' checked before and don't have any infection what-so-ever! Why? I can't believe no cure is out there for IC!!!!! I'm so mad about it GGRRRrrr.....again I say, I haven't EVER heard about this IC thingy until I got I read about it everywhere!
      Do you know anyone who has SSI and/or early med. leave from work such as early retirement? I might have to look into that option soon?
      thanks, Jimmy