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  • Finally someone that understands...

    I wanted to thank Sarojini for her post on this thread:

    Originally posted by Sarojini View Post
    Also, understand that when he's getting mad and yelling, it is the pain talking, and it's more about HIM than you... he's probably actually mad at himself, mad at his body for "betraying" him. I've been there.
    As a man, I'm reluctant to admit it, but this made me cry like a baby, and not long after, decide to join this forum.

    I'm not advocating IC as an excuse for losing ones temper or being an a-hole, but it is so unbelievably comforting to read the words of someone who's so obviously been there and "gets it".

    I knew what I felt, but couldn't give it a name. My body betraying me is exactly what it is. This part of it hurts almost as bad as the physical stuff.

    Thank you Sarojini, and thank all of you for this place.

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    Have you tried the IC diet, especially avoiding the real "no no's" such as beer, wine, coffee, vitamins, hot baths, etc.? (I mention those as they are my worse triggers - stress, too, as it causes whole body tension/bearing down.)

    I find that drinking Evian water, exclusively, really calms down my bladder when its inflamed/irritated. Its as soothing as good old baking soda without the sodium. Do so on a regular basis - I even have my own schedule of 2 medium sized swallows from when I get up to a few hours before going to bed - every half hour. That way you don't overtax your bladder.

    I find daily outdoor exercise, yoga and meditation do a lot to calm the mind. Also Dr. Walt Stoll has some interesting ideas on what causes IC. Just go to his archives and bring up his article.

    Good luck, I'm hoping you feel better soon.


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      Not as such. I've got a decent handle on my triggers. Mine is a trifecta of Caffeine, Stress and Orgasm, and they seem to be synergistic... two are more than twice as bad as one, and three are more than three times worse than two, etc. There are other aggravating factors/foods, but those three in particular are the real deal-breakers.

      Water - and lots of it - seems to help, but only so much.


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        I'm right there with you on the caffeine. It was the #1 absolute worst irritant other than a glass of lemonade or red wine. I could even tolerate home grown tomatoes easier than caffeine. And nothing made me crankier than when the bladder was irritated. I started feeling like I had a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide personality. One day I was calm and nice, and the next day - look out! I found Evian water to be really helpful too.


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          Prelief truly makes a huge difference when used daily. I can now drink all of the coffee I want to with no flares or ill effects. I stick with mostly decaf --- Folger's Simply Smooth. It has most of the acid removed and says on the label that it's for people with stomach or bladder issues.


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            Wow I had no idea that a main stream coffee maker like Folgers actually makes an IC friendly coffee. You're so lucky that prelief helps you with the coffee. Nothing helped me when it came to the caffeine in coffee or tea.


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              I didn't know about the folgers. Anything on the starbucks coffee menu that is less brutal on an ic bladder?