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For the men. The masterbation connection.

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  • For the men. The masterbation connection.

    This has got to be one of the most under-diagnosed issues in younger men. If you do a quick web search for "masturbation" and "constant urge urinate", you get about a gajillion hits. If you then actually take the time to read them, you find the same things being said over, and over, and over again.

    One of the most archetypal of these forum discussions is here:

    There are 23 PAGES of posts on this thread from countless guys, all telling the same story. I would venture that many, if not most of these young men actually have undiagnosed IC.

    This (like so many others) is a thread, not about masturbation, but about classic IC symptomologies in younger men who are looking for answers but can't seem to find any.

    One thing the casual observer might miss however is the common thread of post-masturbatory-first-flare experiences. I mean seriously, it's like more than 3/4 of the guys mention experiencing their first flare after either marathon masturbation, or after particularly vigorous masturbation. What is it about masturbation and first flares? It can't just be coincidence.

    Another thing that I find interesting is the apparent gender segregation on this. Yes, many women report post-masturbatory flares, but a significant portion of these women seem to also report flares after oral or vaginal stimulation. Where as the majority of the guys seem to report penetrative sex and/or oral stimulation seldom if ever triggering flares, while masturbation seems to trigger flares rather consistently. I can't make sense of it, but that would appear to be the trend.

    Any other guys on here notice this trend, or wonder what it is a about masturbation for men specifically that seems to have such an intense flare correlation for so many guys?

    Another observation. A significant number of the guys on these threads also describe having histories of using the "head squeeze technique" and/or the "taint" aka "perineum pressure point technique" to prevent seminal fluid release during masturbation induced orgasm and write about concerns relating to tissue and/or nerve damage. Pelvic floor damage, urethral damage, and nerve damage appear to be relatively common refrains in discussions of the overall clinical picture of IC in women, but don't seem to get as much coverage in discussions of IC in men, presumably because women have so much more 'machinery" there, and so many more ways to injure their perineal tissues, but I wonder if urethral/pelvic-floor/perineum damage isn't actually an important but perhaps overlooked/missed aspect of the preconditions which will make men susceptible to developing IC?

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    I highly agree...

    This theory makes a lot of sense. My problem started right after ejaculation while I was actually flaccid. I have been on and off antidepressants for years and they can cause some pretty funky sexual side effects as most people know. I feel that after repeated delayed orgasm and sometimes not being able to reach orgasm at all, it has really taken a toll on my pelvic muscles. The symptom starter (flaccid ejaculation) was a very unusual occurrence, which I think really put me over the edge. I could not get an erection, but somehow had an orgasm. I don't think my brain and pelvis liked this very much and ever since I've been suffering. It's been about 5 months of hell and I've tried a ton of remedies without much relief so far.

    My primary complaint is penile pain and pressure with bladder filling. I also have a very weak stream and hesitancy. Pain and discomfort is temporarily relieved with voiding and starts again as the bladder refills. I have no identifiable dietary triggers, sex and ejaculation are not uncomfortable, bowel movements (with urination) and hot baths also provide some temporary relief. No meds I've tried, and there have been quite a few, have helped much and neither has PT.


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      I read the pages of posts from that thread and couldn't help thinking that this wasnt necessarily IC but more nerve problems. I am male and have done my fair share of masturbation, probably more than others but maybe I underestimate the average guy.

      I have tried in the past to go without sex or masturbation for long periods and it didnt make much difference.

      I do however feel it could be part of the big picture, nerve endings, bladder irritation. One big downward spiral.

      Thanks for posting guys, lets get some dialogue going!!