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  • ? On Naproxen

    I Used to take Darcacet but it was taken of the market

    Now a doctor tells me to Naproxen. Anyone have experiense talking it and how affective it is/save Is it OK for IC PBS ?

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    I take it daily, but some people with IC do have problems with it.


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      Thanx for update Cathy - how much / often per day? and did you find relieve right away or did it take awhile to start helping - I used to take 3 800mg Motrin per day for a while - at the time I was in such a bad shape I just really could not say if it helped or not - I don't think it made matters worse -
      Somehow the same with Darvicet which is now of the market -
      It seems that the main content of Naproxin is the same as Motrin - but I read somewhere that Naproxin has a higher rate of heart failure and stroke - so I was wondering if it would not be just as well to take Motrin then.
      Or is there some other thing that Naproxin contains that makes it worth taking over Motrin -

      I went to a pain specialist and he put me on Norontin - which I seemed to tolerate OK - he upped the dose a bit - but as I moved I could not see him again so I stopped taking it -

      I also was also taking Elmiron until insurance change - so I have been off it for 5 months ( was on it for 6 months )

      Things seem to be getting worse -

      Anyone have a good experience with Elmiron and would encourage me to go back on it as well as Norontin

      I drink a big glass of Alovera juice every day - not sure if that does help either but well worth the try -
      anyone have good things to say about alovera juice?