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Any guys have hydrodistention and did it work?

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    Hydro did help me

    I got a hydrodistention about six months ago. It was a major shock to my system for a couple of days, but it did increase my bladder capacity after that for a couple months. I think it's just wearing off right now actually, which is sort of annoying.

    They took a biopsy at the same time, which probably aggravated my bladder more than the hydro.

    Someone mentioned using heat to manage flares. My physical therapist suggests cold packs. Cold calms down nerves and reduces swelling. Heat can aggravate nerves and does nothing to reduce inflammation. It does relax muscles though and depending on your condition might help.

    I usually sit on an ice pack (make sure it reaches the full length of your perineum) for 5 to 15 minutes. Icing my lower abdomen helps too.

    Good luck.


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      All your stories are very similar to mine. My pain came on over a number of years.

      I have had frequency issues since I was in my early teens. Proper full on pain now for 4 years. Im 41.

      I have tried every pill, procedure and instill you can name. None of them have helped apart from elavil which doesn't really do much apart from mask the pain slightly. I hate it and quite often stop taking it as I cant stand the drowsiness.

      I would love my old life back. Some times I think removing my bladder is going to be the only way. That will probably get edited.

      The good news is that I manage to work and have the love of a very strong family.

      Anyway back to upgrading my iphone which seems to be taking a rather long time.


      Oh and to answer your question. I have had three hydro-distensions. None of them did a thing. The first one put me in hospital for a week as my bladder went atonic. Evidently the uro over inflated it. I was catheterized and sat in a hospital bed racking up a huge bill. You can guess my advice about hydros.


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        In some instances hydrodistention does help. In my 36 years with IC, I have had over forty --- the most recent was in May of this year.

        Stay safe

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