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Another guy with undiagnosed IC...

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  • Another guy with undiagnosed IC...

    Hello guys,

    I have also posted in the main forum - but just wanted to come here and say hello.

    I'm male, 29 and living in the UK. I've just started on the journey that you are all on and at the moment have been given a course of antibiotics for my symptoms - despite all my results coming back clear.

    Anyway, i've no diagnosis, don't want to tell my parents, my friends are good but just think i'll get over it. So i'm on here just to be able to talk about it - and do get in touch if you need someone to vent to.

    i'm going back to the doc on friday and really think i'm going to demand and see a urologist - although the GPs here control everything and its so difficult to get past them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all

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    Your not alone. There are a handful of us here and I am sure they will chime in when they catch your post.