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    I Don't Write Often But I Read All The Time. All Of You Bring Me Peace. So Any Info I Might Find I Will Pass Along.

    Dr. Said I Should Try Elmiron. I Have Insurance Which I Pay Myself But Does Not Cover Meds. The Pharmacist Said 100 Tabs Will Be $359 !! Which We Don't Even Know Will Work. That's Alot Of Money For One Month And Should Say On At Least A Year.

    So I've Looked Into Meds From Canada. Have To Be Honest, Not Sure Which Are Reputable Or Not So I Will Investigate Further.

    For 100 Tabs It Will Cost $120!!!! That's A Huge Difference. Again I Do Not Know If This Is Reputable As I Am Not Sure Where To Check. Hope This May Help Some Of You That Cannot Afford Your Meds. If And When I Order I Will Post So You All Know My Experience. I Also Asked My Doctor How She Felt About Ordering From Canada And She Said That Was Fine Although She Could Not Endorse Any Particular One.

    Ok Hope This Helps But Again I Want To Make It Clear That I'm No Rocket Scientist So You All Do Your Homework Too.

    Much Luck!!
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    We order some of our prescriptions out of Canada. The one we use is canadameds. There are some restrictions now on purchasing meds from Canada so you need to be aware of that.

    There should be an "800" telephone number you can call to at least talk to them before placing an order. Good luck!

    Stay safe

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      i ordered elmiron from canada before and it was just fine =]
      my friend told me what sort of verification to look for on the website. some kind of credentials to check for. i called ahead of time and talked to someone in person and it sounded legit...


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        I found the same insurance would charge me over $800 for 3 months of Elmiron...but a Canadian pharmacy was only 360! Big difference!