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    I am glad you posted and got so many responses to you question. I agreed with all of them, and I am so very glad you told your husband. I had a very hard time myself telling my husband what was going on, why I did not want to have sex and so forth. He had no understanding why I had a bathroom date every 15 min. or more of less at times. He's get so fustereated when I would go and he'd tell me 15 min. later we are leaving and I'd go again. I finally told him on the night I took myself to ER what was going on and why I was goign to my OBGYN so much. It was a week after he dinosed me with IC. I was releived to know what it was and shared the information with my husband, since then he has been much more understanding, about all of this. I am so very happy you have a husband who says he'd be right by your side day in and day out to help you go though this. It is so important. I don't have insuance right now and you know what surpprised me my husband said he did not care I needed to get in and find out what else I can do for option to help me, he is there for me, like your good luck with everything and keep us posted! WE care!