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was in remission then bam!

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  • was in remission then bam!

    Hello everyone been awhile since I have been on, I have been in remission for awhile and it has hit me hard before Mother's Day. I was in lost of to what to do! I one problem monthy and I am not sure what it is due to. I am carful to what I use adn eat adn what have you, so something has to be causing this problem. First let me explain this is gone on for four years now since Ryan's birth but not quiet as bad, I did not go to an obgyn for two years after I tied my tubes. I did compain to her I felt I was not stitched up correctly or soemthing and she said she has no concerns on that and everything looked fine. Well when I went into my new obgyn last year he did alot of testing on me and has never seen this underlining problem. Ok here is it a week before my period starts I get swollen all over my feminan area, it always fell raw and irrietated to touch is worse it really hurts and where I feel the stitch is not right hurts worse I always have some sort of feeling there, but I can't explain just how badly I hurt that week before, it was horrible over Mother's day weekend. I went to my Mother's of course and she works for the doctor's office where she lives at and said she see a tear about a 1/2 inch and a blood vessel bulging and looked very irrietated so I called my doctor on Monday and since I have no insurance he's sending me to another office that takes people with no insurance and tell them to fax information there. He seems sto feel it is hormimonal and i go in the on the 13th of June becasue that would be when it would start acting up again. My IC gets worse with that too, one thing i notice is my period is much heavier now than it usally is and I am still swollen just not as bad as last week. What do you all think could be causing this, I know you are not Doctor's but you may have an idea or two to help me out. thanks!


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    I'm interested to see what it turns out to be too, since I had a tubal 5 years ago and luckily have had zero problems.
    Thank goodness you are getting medical attention. You say it happens right before your period. How do you feel the rest of the month?
    My IC always acts up a little right before my period too.
    I hope you aren't in any or much discomfort now. Let us know what the doctor finds out.........feel better soon.......
    Tons of support,

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      Most the time I have normal feeling of having the take over my life. It seems to me that everything centers around that, my ic flairs up the most a week before my peroid and calms down some during but not all the time, like now I stil feel as if my whole insides have been beaten up. I don't know for sure why I am so senitive to things. I am thinking of trying baking soda for cleaning my cloths and see if that helps and negerena for soap. I am in cross that it could be allergies since I always feel it is there but not bothering me so badly like it was, or a hoamones or both. I can't wait to find out what i the cause and what I can do to improve this. The tear is unexpainable, could be an ongoing yeast infection that never goes away since I am so inchy around that time too? Who know, but I am glad I am getting attention even without insurance. I will keep you posted and I hope all if well with you.