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How Fast Does Remission Usually Happen

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    Gradually getting better

    I have been on elmiron for about 8 months now and noticed a gradual decline in the amount of times I was going to the bathroom. When I was first diagnosed, it got so bad that I could not walk from my office to the subway (a 15 minute walk) without finding a STARBUCKS to pee at! So depressing. But now, there are days I go for up to 4 hours without having to pee. I sometimes get flares that last about 4 or 5 hours (right now I am having one I think because I had vinegar on my salad for lunch). I am living proof that there is hope and many people get better. I think this will be a life long struggle for me - but I certainly have MANY more good and "normal" days than I used to. Much more smiles and A LOT less tears!!
    "love one another as I have loved you" Luke 22:1-38