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keeping fingers crossed!

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  • keeping fingers crossed!

    my most recent flare began in December. I finally got to see my new uro right after Christmas, and was given prescriptions for elmiron, hydroxyzine, cimetidine and hyomax. He also suggested the IC Diet. Well, I've been following the diet for about 4 weeks now and it seems like I'm going into remission. The frequency is GONE. The burning is GONE. But the pressure on my bladder remains. My uro suggested it could be due to my bladder being prolapsed rather than the IC. I am amazed at how food and drink can affect symptoms. I can tolerate low acid decaf coffee with no problem and an occasional rootbeer. I have found prelief to also be a good thing to have if I ever have any doubts about any food or drink. I was able to have a glass of chardonnay the other night with no problems as long as I took 2 prelief first.

    Best of all, I have found a new respect for water. Just getting off caffeine has had many wonderful benefits.

    Mostly, I'm grateful I found this website, eventhough I have a good uro, there are alot of things I learned here about the IC Diet that I did not learn from him. And a very supportive husband.......

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    That's wonderful!
    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      I will DEFINITELY keep my fingers crossed. That's great news! :woohoo:

      -Started having symptoms in May 2009.

      -Doing pretty well on diet alone.


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        Stay safe

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          Sounds like you have a genius uro! Congrats on that, you are very fortunate. Tell him to duplicate himself a million times. :woohoo: Jill, wife of Bob