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  • when you are in remission...

    What do you do when you are in remission?
    I was on elmiron (stopped now) and the diet and I've been in remission for several months from mild IC. Do I continue the diet? Or do you think it's okay to stop a little (like, hey, not talking about eating oranges or anything crazy like that!) or will that re-damage my bladder?

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    i would continue the diet and enjoy being out of pain. it sounds like everything is normal for you again and that is wonderful. i would be afraid to go off the diet if i were you. i wish you complete health the rest of your life. keep us posted
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      Usually people don't stop elmiron if it's helping. The effects from it are not permanent. I would definitely continue the diet.

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        I've been in remission for 3+ years now. For me, that doesn't exclude the occasional bladder twinge, but almost all of the time I do not have chronic bladder pain, and I never have frequency and urgency anymore. I'm off all IC meds, but have remained on the diet. Once in awhile I'll add in a food to see how I do, but since I have other inflammatory medical issues, it seems to work best for me to remain strict about diet. The other thing I do is take natural anti inflammatory supplements.

        I'm glad to hear you are doing well and wish you continued success.



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          I haven't been really in remission in years, but the last time I was the only thing I was doing was taking Elmiron. I have never been too diet sensitive but I do watch what I eat, and if I am not familiar with the food I won't have it.


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            This too would be an interesting survey type thing. For those who get lucky and have a remission, what do they feel it was that put them there? What was that one defining thing? Maybe this stuff can get narrowed down a bit, altho realize there is a 50 tined forked road and everyone is different.


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              fifteen yr remission

              I had very severe ic for fifteen years and then when I hit menopause things were almost normal. I did continue atarax and I needed the diazepam to keep things normal. I stayed on a low acid diet. I was given gabapentin for an unrelated problem and that helped also.

              I got a severe case of shingles four yrs ago and lost my remission but it's not like it was before. Right now I'm dealing with intense vaginal itching under bladder wall.