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Did anyone have mercury fillings removed and found it helped?

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  • Did anyone have mercury fillings removed and found it helped?

    (Note from ICNDonna: The ICN recommends books written by medical professionals, such as the IC Survival Guide by Robert Moldwin or Ending Female Pain by Isa Herrerra PT. Books written by the author mentioned in this posting represent one patients opinion and are not, that we are aware of, supported by any IC research studies.)

    I am a 54-year old male with diagnosed IC. I am reading the first book by Catherine ****** called "To wake in tears". I have her second book, but I haven't read it yet.

    She had her mercury fillings replaced along with a myriad of other things she did for herself. Has anyone done this and found it helped? If so, how much help? This is a major expense to undertake, so I can't do this haphazardly.

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    This is talked alot in the alternative world. Me personally I wouldnt do it. There are no studies (that I know of )on IC suggesting that taking mercury out will decrease symptoms of IC. I have two crowns in my mouth and a permanent retainer. Im not removing them. There just isnt enough evidence. Even if there was, I still wouldnt remove them, because I need them.
    Diagnosed with IC October 2009- through bladder biopsy (no glomerations or hunners ulcers found, just irritation)

    I have moderate-severe IC

    Currently stopped taking all medications due to pregnancy


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      I have never seen any scientific reports that fillings are a problem. I would not even consider removal without seeing some evidence to the contrary.

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        If this was true, half the world would have IC. Would take that with a grain of salt.


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          "Half the world would have IC" - the point for the writer was that in her case she found that taking them out helped dramatically. She stated that she is not (was not) saying that the mercury caused the IC. Her belief is that allergies may be a big piece of the IC puzzle. I'm not defending her, I'm asking if anyone else found relief.


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            I hope u find ur answer. You can always talk to your urologist and get thier opinion on it. I hear alot of people say that they followed some of the author's advice that you are talking about and feel that thier IC is in remission or under control. but not so much concerning the mercury. They talk about some of the supplements that she recommends.
            Diagnosed with IC October 2009- through bladder biopsy (no glomerations or hunners ulcers found, just irritation)

            I have moderate-severe IC

            Currently stopped taking all medications due to pregnancy


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              I think I'll keep them in and keep reading the books. Thanks everyone.


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                I've had almost all of mine out (I only have one left) but not because of my IC though, it was just time to start replacing them so we replaced them with the white composite fillings. Hasn't done a thing for my IC.

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                  Hey Bill. Like everyone has said up here, there's not a a single ounce of evidence that we are aware of that mercury fillings are linked to IC... and I think the biggest argument against are the patients with IC who have never had any fillings.

                  On the otherhand, I've had almost half of mine removed in the last six months NOT because of my IC but because they have caused cracks in every tooth that has them. Seriously... 8 teeth now worked on... four removed... and four treated with root canals and crowns. Had I known that mercury fillings would cause such severe cracking, I would have had mine taken out years ago. So far I've spent almost $8000 on dental work and, yikes, that hurts.

                  My mouth is a mess right now.. the bite is all screwed up... we're not sure if two of the root canals are failing due to tooth fractures... and I can't bite on anything hard! GRRRRR!!!! I wish I had considered this years ago.

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                    I've wondered the same thing about the mercury in my mouth. I've had the same problem with teeth cracking etc and when they repair the tooth I've had them do the composite fillings or do gold crowns. Actually the gold crown is like a hybrid composite/gold with the composite, tooth colored on the outside so its less visible. I think its a legitimate question and at this point we can't rule anything out. I believe that there is evidence about the mercury leaching off of fillings and I'm sure you could find plenty of info on the net about this. As a safe measure I am slowly removing the mercury from my mouth but I don't have a great amount of hope that this will cure my IC. I do think that this theory should be investigated further though. Good job for thinking outside of the box....something that the majority of our doctors are obviously incabable of doing, or elect not to. ***holes!


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                      I have a dental appt. scheduled to start having mine removed in a few weeks. I am doing it for cosmetic reasons. I don't like opening my mouth and seeing the silver. I was always under the impression that dental insurance would not cover this. My dentist said that my fillings are so old that it would be covered.

                      The thought did cross my mind that there may be a slight possibility that this might be a good thing to do for health reasons. If by chance I notice any difference in my symptoms I'll let you know. I'm not holding my breath.


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                        Do keep this thread updated if you see any improvement (or maybe, even if you don't) so we can see if there is any improvment when the fillings are removed.


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                          I had all of my silver filings removed in October and November of last year. Like some others, I did it with some because they were so old and were starting to crack two of my molars. They looked so nice with the replacement composite that I had all the other ones replaced as well. I had no bladder problems for the years I had my silver fillings but I got my IC diagnosis at the beginning of this month. My bladder issues started after all of the dental work was finished. So at least in my case, having the silver out obviously didn't help with IC symptoms.
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                            Hmm...very interesting

                            Almost (essentially if you will) proof that it doesn't help.


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                              I have had all of mine removed about 5 years ago. Did not help me at all.
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