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Bladder Prolapse

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  • Bladder Prolapse

    I had my bladder surgery about three weeks ago, and I have noticed a significant decrease in voiding.

    Also, I have been mostly in remmission for the past few months.

    I had a rectocele repair done about four months ago, I wonder if all these repairs I needed made me go into remmission.

    If anyone has had any of these surgery's and are doing much better, let me know.

    I am curious if there is a connection with that and IC, or is it just a coincidence.
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    I am interested in your question. Have been diagnosed with IC. also, have a rectocele. I am scheduled for surgery next month. Wondered if it would help the bladder/IC issues. How much did your rectocle bother younprior to surgery? Could you distinguish the pain from the reconcile and your bladder? How was recovery from the repair? Are you able to eliminate better now, and did you have stitches only or mesh?

    Appreciate your feedback, and am sorry for all you have endured.

    Yours in health,

    Diagnosed IC March 2011
    Vulvadynia,Pelvic floor dysfunction. Adhesive tissue repair, rectocele repair 8/11
    Tried:Rescue Instillation "heparin,lidocaine cocktail" ( Happy Hour ) discontinued after 12
    Physical therapy
    Hydroxizine25mg @night
    Amytriptolyne 20 [email protected]
    Zolpidem 5mg @bed

    Today: Nutritional Balancing Program. No longer on any medication. Diet& supplement specific.

    "You have to laugh to keep from crying"
    "long road,little wheel, it takes a lot of turns to get there..."


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      The rectocele caused me difficulty in my bowels it was harder to eliminate before the surgery it made my bladder problems worse. After the surgery I did much better. however it takes a good three months to heal and I have a mesh and stitches. It takes awhile for it to heal and you are real sore, make sure you have loose stools for the first two weeks or more. Once you are completely healed the surgery was well worth it. I recently had my bladder proplapes done and it was not nearly as bad about healing like the rectocele.
      I have a mesh sling and stiches with that operation and I am doing good with that. So far I have been pretty much in remmission with my IC, but you know IC is strange and I could relapse like anyone else at any time. So just be prepared for what I told you about both surgerys, I hope and pray you will do better soon.
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