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Hiprex sucesssful results - pain gone!

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  • Hiprex sucesssful results - pain gone!

    Hi All

    Just wanted to share that I've had really good results with the urinary antiseptic Hiprex. It apparently kills the hidden bacteria that is not found in standard urine tests.

    7months of pain, 3k pounds on doctors and two weeks after taking a 20 pound medicine nearly all my symptoms are gone. Maybe it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for me.

    Just thought would let you know. Do message me if you have any Qs.. happy to respond if i can in anyway help anyone with this dreadful disease.


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    Re: Hiprex sucesssful results - pain gone!

    Thank you. Can I ask would you please be able to share alittle more about this treatment? How long did you need to take it? Do you still have any symptoms?
    Kindest regards and thank you for sharing your happy news :-)


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      Love my hiprex too! No more infections since taking it which is huge ic help. Hurrah!


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        That’s amazing! Can I ask are you able to eat all foods now etc? Were you diagnosed with ic?


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          It's very possible for someone with interstitial cystitis to also get infections --- my IC was diagnosed in 1975 and in the years since then I have had only two or three actual infections. If you are one who has frequent infections, anything that will help with prevention is great --- but I absolutely need to follow my IC diet.

          Stay safe

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            AnnieBel, does the Hiprex not cause higher sensitivity in the bladder? I know it turns urine acidic. Prof Malone Lee prescribed it for me but I have still not tried it yet. Are you usually diet sensitive? I wonder if this makes a difference in how we might tolerate the Hiprex. Thanks! Btw, I think Hiprex is one of the ingredients in Uribel in the US.


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              i did read your posts about mycoplasma and hiprex.

              U did first azithromycin course and u did get better right?

              did u ever have Bad symptoms and did hiprex treatment alone?
              so clearly bad bladder symptoms and doing hiprex without antibiotics.. and get all better??

              or did the azithromycin make your pain 80% gone and hiprex finished the 20%?

              pls pm me back. Thx!


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                Hi Kenvh, are you doing Hiprex? Is it helping you? I"m trying to get in touch to anniebel to see if she is still in remission.


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                  Hi there... it's been a very long time and I haven't replied to these. Sorry!. A friend actually saw me on this site and got in touch so i thought good to give an update. Two years later and I' still symptom free.

                  Hiprex is acidic but it needs to be to get rid of any potential 'hidden bacteria'. i was scared to take it too, it did sting a little bit more for about a week but then that - and combining with a pelvic wand - to do internal massage/ work oin pressure points. Everything went away in a few weeks (this was after a year off suffering).

                  So, from my perspective, I think IC is actually muscle inflammation and spasms caused by a prior infection / and or/ hidden bacteria. Happy to answer any Qs online. But hate to think of people thinking they have an incurable disease... when urologists / GPs etc will not consider pelvic floor muscles as causing such pain !