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  • Likely Have IC and Worried

    Hi everyone,

    After a lot of researching, I believe I most likely have IC. The day before New Year’s Eve, I noticed the terrible symptoms of a UTI. I just had one at the end of November 2019, and had one for the first time at the end of November 2018. I was upset and frustrated (what terrible timing, I just wanted to continue enjoying the holidays and relax) but I knew the last UTIs I had were gone after 3 days of antibiotics. I called the doctor on NYE day and was able to get a dose without a urine culture because I knew the symptoms and needed relief.

    I was frustrated but hoped it would go away and after New Year’s I went to the doctor for a urine culture knowing the antibiotics weren’t helping. I was in a lot of pain, the constant feeling of having to go to the bathroom 24/7, with no relief ( no exaggeration) I was freaking out worried I had IC since this couldn’t be a UTI, it would have been gone already.

    Flash forward a few days and I found out my urine culture was negative, which scared me since this basically affirms it’s IC. I needed help and went to the gyno as soon as I could. But my gyno said my bladder was irritated and to only drink water ( no caffeine or alcohol) for the next 2 weeks and to make an appointment with her if the pain persisted.

    Since then, I’ve followed her orders, but figured I’d have to take matters into my own hands and make an appointment with a urologist just for my own peace of mind. I have to wait a while for that appointment, and tried calling my primary care doctor for something for relief today, but all I got was another round of OTC Azo which did nothing for me last week. I’m just taking Motrin and Benadryl at night to try to sleep, but with the constant need to go to the bathroom and stress, I haven’t gotten much since Dec 30.

    I’ve been driving my family and boyfriend crazy talking about it, though they have been supportive. I just want to be myself again. We have an out of state wedding to go to next month and I just want to be able to enjoy it. I am trying to focus on work, do the things I enjoy, go to the gym, relax and be positive, but I’m so worried about the future and if I’ll ever get better. I was researching that this typically happens when people are in their 40s, but I’m 25.

    I should preface this by saying I’ve drank Diet Coke for years. I obviously knew it wasn’t really good for me, my friend used to send me links in college warning me to stop (there was noting about bladder damage) but I never had any real issues until now, so I was blissfully unaware. I’m thinking all the chemicals probably severely irritated my bladder wall, and I can’t go back in time, but I’m no longer drinking it.

    Sorry for such a long post, I appreciate anyone who reads this and if not, no worries! I’m fortunate to have found this forum yesterday and it’s nice knowing I’m not alone. The success stories are uplifting too. Just thought I’d see if anyone has a similar story. Thanks and I hope everyone can have a good weekend!

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    I’m so sorry you are dealing with all this! Looking back my ic symptoms started in my 20’s (I’m 49) but did not become full blown until the age 37. Call your doctor and see if he will prescribe you Uribel. It turns your pee blue. I took Azo, or the prescription Pyridium, in the beginning and it did nothing for me but turn my urine a yellow orange. Also, drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in a little bit of water can help calm your bladder. Just keep pushing the water and avoid any acidic food or drink. Also, pumpkin seed oil capsules can help with urgency. I know it’s a maddening feeling! Please report back after you get into seeoururo. Hopefully this is just a “flare” and will calm down shortly!


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      Thank you so much for reading and for your comments, that’s really nice of you! I will look into those options, that’s helpful to know about, and I hope so too! Thanks again!


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        I also drank Diet Pepsi for years and my mom always warned me about it. I don’t think it caused my IC but it definitely didn’t help it. Heating pads On the lower belly help and a nice warm bath also helps.


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          Steelerfan, thanks so much I’ll try those tips! It’s been hard staying away from diet soda since it was my favorite, but definitely better health wise to cut it out!


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            to the IC Network. I'm glad you found us.

            It does sound like IC is a possibility for you. And I also have some suggestions --- first of all, I suggest you give the IC diet a try --- you have already stopped some of the most irritating things. It can also help to keep a diary, noting everything that goes in your mouth, urinary frequency (and about how much each time), activities, pain levels. You'll want to take it with you to your urologist appointment. Sometimes reviewing the diary can help with determining what irritates, as well as things that help.

            And be sure to let me know what you find out.

            Stay safe

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              Thank you so much for your advice, I appreciate it! I’ll work on it!