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Does it make sense to get a Cystoscopy?

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  • Does it make sense to get a Cystoscopy?

    A urologist recommended a cystoscopy, which I haven't yet undergone... if anything shows up he might prescribe me Elmiron.

    I'm just wondering if it would hurt to try more alternative natural treatments (supplements and diet) before doing a cystoscopy... or might that mask the bladder inflammation for the future cystoscopy?

    It's very likely that I have the bladder wall subtype of IC, and that I've had it for 9 years.

    There's also gut involvement; a functional medicine doctor diagnosed me with "bad leaky gut" which I've been taking l-glutamine for.
    Definitely have had mast cell activation, which I keep at bay with some other supplements like quercetin and methionine.

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    Is he suggesting a cystoscopy with hydrodistention under anesthesia? Or just a cysto in the office? There are some doctors who feel a hydrodistention is the only way to diagnose IC; others are able/willing to diagnose based on symptoms and ruling out other possible problems. An office cystoscopy just provides an opportunity to view the bladder lining for obvious problems --- I have had both. An office cystoscopy takes only a few minutes and isn't horrible --- and can help with reaching a diagnosis. If you opt to have the office procedure, I suggest you do some practice with relaxing --- it does really help --- what I do is to concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply and consciously relaxing.

    One thing I do suggest is keeping a detailed diary, listing everything that goes in your mouth, activities, urinary frequency, pain levels --- to see if you can identify your own personal triggers --- and take the diary with you to your appointments.

    Sending healing wishes,
    Stay safe

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