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  • Cystoprotek

    Hello Fellow IC Sufferers,

    I was wondering if anyone is using (and has had a success) with Cystoprotek? I want to start it and have few questions below. I emailed the manufacturer few times but with no response, so am hoping that someone from this forum could shed some light!

    1. How many pills per day are recommended for IC?
    2. How long do I need to take it for to start noticing results?
    3. Can this be taken together with Desert Harvest Aloe Vera ?

    I've been taking Desert Harvest Aloe Vera for slightly over 3 months now with great success. I have no other symptoms other than bladder pain. The pain subsided but has not gone completely and is truly bothersome. So I was hoping that adding Cystoprotek to my Aloe will help with that. Would love to hear some opinions on that!

    Thank you so much!