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Hi, newly diagnosed & checking out the forum :)

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  • Hi, newly diagnosed & checking out the forum :)

    Thought I'd just introduce myself. I'm Stefanie, 48, diagnosed about a month ago. Been having pelvic pain on & off for about a year. Seemed so strange! But we finally figured it out. I read about the food triggers, so committing to the elimination diet for a month to see if I notice improvement. Going to be challenging, as I'm sure it is for everyone. I'm a vegetarian who eats a lot of soy, yogurt, and smothers everything in hot salsa or curry sauce LOL! Oh well I'll figure out which food items trigger me.

    My username is NMChickenMama because I live in New Mexico, have 6 chickens, & also dogs & cats

    Nice to meet everyone! Off to poke around the rest of the forum.