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"IC Soulution" cure??

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  • Sarojini
    Yes, the mycoplasma theory has been around for years and years, but so far there has been no conclusive scientific study proving it. Because of that, we here at the ICN do not endorse the methods used in that book, but if you look in the "Antibiotics" forum, you will find other people who believe in this theory.

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  • Danica
    started a topic "IC Soulution" cure??

    "IC Soulution" cure??

    Hi Everyone~
    Have you found on the website a woman who advertises that her book called the "IC Solution" has a cure? The book is $37 and it claims that she says that we who have IC have a bacteria that is called microplasma and can be knocked out ba a highly sensitive antibiotic. Of course she doesn't tell us in her ad what that antibiotic is but she says that most labs in the word are not even capable for testing for microplasma except for in London. For what ever reason I cannot find this women's ad on the home page anymore but it was there when I logged on and I clicked on it and read how she claims to have the "IC Solution". I wish I remembered her name (I think it is Angela). Has anyone purchased this book? And if so what is the antibiotic she claims will knock out this bacteria microplasma?
    Thanks and peace.