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  • What to take for headache

    Am doing well due to ic diet. I have a new eyeglass presc. and have a headache. What can I take that won't aggravate my bladder? Didn't know if aspirin is bad or if another type of pain killer is better than another. Thanks!! Leslie Dayton, Ohio

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    Tylenol is usually the best for us IC'ers. Sorry you've got a headache!
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      Yep, Tylenol is safe for the majority of us.

      Just want to say to the boards from another Daytonian! There are several of us on here from the Dayton area. We're hoping those in this area can all get together for a brunch sometime this spring. We'd love for you to join us, so watch for an announcement on the Central States Board.

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        I can't take Tylenol for other reasons. I take one buffered aspirin for headaches without any problems.

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          Annie Dayton Ohio

          Thanks for all your responses. Annie I'd love to get together with others from our area!!! Spring can't come early enough. Thanks Leslie