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    Hi-I was just diagnosed back in November and have been reading post for last two months. I finally have decided to jump in and admit I am an ICer.

    I'm in my late 40's and an avid runner and swimmer. I understand the IC diet, and have had good success with it. I am on 20 mg of Elavil and benydryl otc at night. Most days are ok, with pain my biggest complaint. I was diagnosed with cysto/hyrdo and according to my urologist I have a mild case(although when I am flaring it doesn't feel so mild!)

    My question is-My urologist said I can run and that she has not found any research that suggests that running is bad for bladder. I didn't ask her about swimming, though I have concerns about the chlorine in water. Any thoughts or comments? I have always had no weight problem because of all activities, and since I have been on Elavil have gained about 6 pounds. I sure would love some sage wisdom from you "old timers".

    I must say a huge thank you for this wonderful site and all the kind and giving women who always respons. I feel blessed to have found you all!!!!!

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      Exercise is definitely good if you feel well enough to do it. As far as what type of exercise, it's really an individual situation of what works and what doesn't. There are times when I can run just fine, and others when it sends me into a flare, probably due to all the jostling. If running does cause a flare, you could always walk, which has the same basic health benefits and calories burned, without the major impact. Also, I know there are many on here that swim and find that very therapeutic. So, I really think it's kind of like the IC diet...what works for some doesn't for others, and it's really a matter of what your body can tolerate.

      Also, yoga and pilates seem to be good choices, as they help to stretch and strengthen muscles and relax you at the same time.



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