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Stopped Smoking, Help needed with weight gain

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  • Stopped Smoking, Help needed with weight gain

    I have stopped smoking after 50 years without a day of no cigarettes! I really am afraid to gain a lot of weight. I will not return to smoking but need help. I am as dumb as a rock as far as diets and loosing weight goes. I am on the IC diet I think. Meat, vegetables, potatoes, lots of water, Roma for coffee. I can not workout as I have MS plus just a long walk through a store causes my bladder to act up and my back hurts awful. What can I do? I guess If I can stop smoking, I can stop eatting. I will be most grateful for any suggestions to keep my weight down. Ziggy

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    First of all, congrats on your awesome accomplishment! Your body, especially your bladder and your lungs will thank you for it everyday.(So will your wallet! ) I have never had to endure giving up smoking myself, but as the child of 2 former smokers, I can at least give you some less fattening food ideas that helped them.(They quit the month before my daughter was born)My Mom and Dad did alot of veggies--celery, bell peppers(green ones), and carrots--they kept them cut in the fridge. They also used the old reliable lollipops(Blow Pops actually because of the gum). The other thing I can remember them mentioning is that they took the money they would have spent and put it into an account that let them take a trip after about six months.

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      When my dad quit he made sure he had a bag full of peppermint candies around. He went through those things like there were never going to make them again!! He also took ink pens, and removed the ink. He said after smoking for so long he had such a habit of having a cigaretter either in his had or in his mouth. He picked the habit of playing with ink pens. The first time he but one in his mouth and bit down on it and got a mouth full of ink he decided it was time to remove the ink!!!!

      Great Job on quitting!!!!!


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        Congratulations on quitting smoking. Wow 50 years!! that is just great! My husband quit almost 2 years ago when he had to go in for some tests where he had to stop smoking and drinking coffee for 24 hours, let me tell you, I don't know if that was going to kill him or me or both of us!!. Of course, after 24 hours, he did go back to the coffee but decided to take one day at a time on the smoking bit. He did buy the peppermints by the box. (till he found out he is diabetic) now he can do without). Everytime I talk to someone, they ask me is Joe still not smoking? I tell them that he isn't. They tell me to tell him they are pround of his accomplishment.

        So, I guess, what I'm telling you is that I'm telling you the same thing, go out and get some peppermints or gum or something. Again, congratulations. :woohoo:


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          Even if you gain a few pounds (I definitely did when I quit 22 years ago!), you are far better off with those pounds than the cigarettes. That's what my doctor told me. He also suggested that I not worry about it until I was completely comfortable without smoking --- that I should worry about one thing at a time.

          Congratulations on quitting! I know how hard it is.

          Giant hugs,
          Stay safe

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            Good for you Ziggy! I know how difficult it is as I quit in '97, although I'd only smoked for 22 years. Breaking a habit of 50 years must take amazing strength!

            One thing I found really helpful was a sucker. Like April's dad, I found I needed some kind of stick-like object in my hand, and the bonus is the sucker allowed for the motion of going back & forth to my mouth.

            Definitely put that cigarette money you'd heve been spending aside and treat yourself to something as a reward!

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