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    I was diagnosed with IC two years ago. I went from doctor to doctor for one year. I saw at least 15 different doctors. I was diagnosed with urinary tract infections so many times, but yet every time they did a culture there was no bacteria found. I thought it was the end of the world. I was in so much pain and I had just moved to Florida and I was starting college and trying to get my life back together. Well I finally got it under control after cystoscopy and Hydrodistention, about six months after the procedure I changed my diet, I took a low dose antidepressant for about six months, and I stayed away from all the foods that made me have flare-ups and I lowed the stress in my life. Now I am back in a stressful situation, I had to move back in with my parents which is causing me to be under an unbelievable amount of stress and I’m starting to have flare-ups all over again. I am trying to reduce my stress but it just seems inevitable and I do not want to have to go through all of this again. I am just at a loss.

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    Stress and I.C.

    Stress is THE quickest way for me to have an instant flare. It's almost impossible these days to avoid all stress, but just try to find things you like to do (watch a non-stressful movie) that will de-stress you (sounds like distress!...not what I meant!). The moment the ladies at our I.C. support group began talking about pain, etc.. I got an instant flare with throbbing abdominal pain. This didn't subside until this morning and the meeting was Wed. night. The other day, I got stressed because I was blocked in at my youngest son's school (buses had lined up), and I had to stand and wait for about 35 minutes. After the buses left and it was all clear to go....I went straight home and administered my instillation. That one was the worst flare I've had in months and it was just from the stress of waiting?? I'd better not plan to fly anytime soon 'cause I'll be screaming. I had a mini-flare just watching the news when they reported about all those people having to sit on the runway for 10 hours. Honestly, they would have to shoot me with a dart-gun, because I would be opening every door I could to try to get off! I wish I knew why stress is such a big 'fire-starter'. I'm going to a new pain mgt. doctor soon and I'm going to request valium or something. This stress has got to stop! I hope you find a solution or some sort of aid to help you with your stress. It's bad enough having a bladder that feels like a 2-ton brick wanting to be delivered. I actually have contractions and I don't have any female organs left. Weird or what! Take care!


    -Bladder surgery to correct reflux-'68
    -Terribly painful periods, beg.@ 13 (most likely due to endometriosis, no dx then)
    -4 gyn surgeries since 2003 to remove cysts, ovaries, endometriosis and uterus
    -DX'd w/I.C. before 3rd gyn surgery, but sure I've had it since childhood
    -Gastrointestinal allergies to nuts and shellfish - {I would like to know if there is some connection of gastro allergies to I.C.?}
    PTSD (sexual abuse by teenage boy when I was 4 and s. abuse by adult male who was friend of my Dad's - my parents still don't know)
    -DX'd with IBS in 2000
    -Rhabdomyolysis in 2001 (has not returned)
    -DX'd with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (Asthma of the Esophagus) 3/07
    -DX'd with TMJ in 2000-wear splint
    -Hydrodistention and Cystoscopy w/ biopsy of tissue in bladder-2003
    -DX'd with Epilepsy -2000
    -SSS (Selective Sound Sensitivity)-wear earplugs most of the time to screen out certain noises
    -DX'd with Fibromyalgia (2006)

    Medications:MS Contin-30mg@3xday,Hydrocodone-10/650:up to 4day,Levothyroxine,Soma,Clonazepam,Vesicare,Keppra (anti-seizure),Flovent FHA 220mcg (swallowed for E.E.),Elmiron,Instillations-5+per week for flares,Lidocaine,Cysta-Q,Prelief, Dulcolax,Baby Aspirin(for FM),God blessed me w/2 boys: Devin-14 and Logan-9, Jim, my husband of 18+ years who sort of understands what I.C. is...still working on educating him!, my springer spaniel "Wookie" ('cause he makes sounds like 'Chewbacca' from "Star Wars" when my son plays with him) and the most important 'medicine' of all...PRAYER...because ONLY God knows the answer to why we are all going through this awful I.C.!


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      Milissa -- I know how you feel. Isn't it wonderful to be in a place where people can say that to you, and really mean it?

      I had to move back in with my parents once; it was fifteen years ago and I still have nightmares about it. OK, that was probably not the most encouraging thing I could have said, but I really meant that I sympathize with your situation and remember how stressful it can be. And I know how stress affects us.

      Probably the best thing you can do is get counseling. Find a professional who can help you figure out just what it is about living at your parents' house that is so overwhelming, and how to cope. In the meantime, spend as much time every day doing something to help you relax. I like to listen to music in the dark. Some people swear by a warm bath, or a scented candle, or a slow walk outside, alone.

      You can usually find CD's for relaxation, meditation, or guided imagery online or in places like Target. Something like that might help, too.

      And, this is the most important: You really should see your doctor and explain what's happening. Some pharmaceutical intervention might be called for, until you get your balance again and start to feel better.

      I hope you feel better soon. Don't hesitate to come on the ICN boards as often as you want. One of the things that's helped me with my stress -- and this was totally unexpected -- is that I've been able to help other people in the IC community now and then, by offering suggestions or humor, or just by listening.

      Best of luck to you.
      Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
      Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

      Peace, Carolyn

      Laura (11), Susannah (12 1/2) and Maman (that's me!), North Wildwood NJ, September 2007

      On the Beach with IC