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  • Bug bites?

    I have been meaning to ask this question for a long time but I thought maybe it just sounded too crazy. I get horrible reactions to bug bites and have always gotten a lot of bug bites since I was a kid. My IC symptoms started exactly 3 weeks after I got EATEN by mosquitoes on one of my legs. My IC lasted for 3 months and seemingly almost dissapeared for a whole glorious 3 monhts when I went on Elavil. I went to the Caribbean in January, and once again got eaten by bugs. I still have the scars to prove it. Again, three weeks later, my IC is back in a horrible way. Is this just a huge coincidence or does anyone think it is related to hystamines and mast cells etc...any thoughts appreciated. I am in horrible pain right now....

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    Well, my backyard might as well be declared as wetland habitat as swampy as our neighborhood is, and last year we had a nasty infestation of both the mosquitos that carry West Nile Virus and some other nasty species that is completely immune to most pesticides. It was so foul, my garden became almost unworkable by mid-July because we couldn't step foot outside during any time of day or night without being bombarded by thick swarms of them. Last year is also when my uti's began occuring more frequently, so who knows? As for bad bug reactions, these are the only ones that bite me! I can go camping in the woods, watch all my friends be mauled by those tiny deer ticks (we're talking in the hundreds per person) and have to pick off maybe two or three all weekend. Likewise, mosquitos and other beasties anywhere but in my yard avoid me like the plague. My belief is that if that had any connection to my ic onset, then it was more because of the general crappy feeling a person has when she's got 30+ mosquito bites at any given time and probably just overtaxed my body. I don't know that there's a direct link for me.


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      Histimines and IC

      I almost died last year from my first allergy injection. I was in the hospital emergency room for 4 hours. I had a total of 16 shots to bring down the swelling in face and throat. It was just a couple days later when I went into a full blown horrible IC attack. I was diagnosed with IC in January. I swear the OD of that shot did this to me.

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        Hi...Some IC'rs get a lymes test done to rule it out.

        Good luck.
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          I was just talking to my husband about bug bites. Before I had any symptoms
          I was was bitten by a spider and had an allergic reaction to it. In fact I still
          have the scar. It was on my lower abdomen to the right of my bladder. I started to have strange symptoms not too long after. I feel there is some sort
          of connection!
          Hope you have a pain-free day! Ronni B.

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            I have horrible whelps from gnats and mosquitos and ITCH!!!
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