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    So this is so nerve racking. Okay does anyone else have this problem, I am getting so sick of it. It is ONLY when I go to the bathroom that I have irritation and burning in my urethra and I can feel it inside of the tube, and then it usually doesnt go a way for about 1 hour after I pee, or if I take a bath. I dont know if it just gets irritated or what. And I dont think it has anything or not much to do with food, because I could not eat for days sometimes and it would burn. It doesnt burn all of the time, but I do always have problems when I wipe after I pee, so sometimes I just dab or pat it dry, that really hurts is I use toilet paper. But thats about the extent of my IC. I am on elmiron and have been since last saturday so we will see if it does anything for me. My doctor said I have mild ic after doing a potassium sensitivity test. Okay well, anyone have these problems? Thanks

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    Oh and I am really getting sick of taking multiple baths a day, or sitting in the bath for like 5 minutes many times a day. Is this ever going to stop, does anyone else have to do this to make the pain go away, or I mean the burning inside of the urethra??


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      I do have where sometimes I will have irritation after I void (when I've had no symptoms all day), then the longer I can hold it, it goes away until the next time.


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        The Elmiron helped me alot. Took about 4 mos. to notice but it was worth the wait.


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          see it feels like if I hold it, the burning will be worse.


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            Originally posted by meme
            I do have where sometimes I will have irritation after I void (when I've had no symptoms all day), then the longer I can hold it, it goes away until the next time.
            I have that strange symptom too. A lot of times, it feels that after I void, my bladder is more irritated than when it was full, which is bizarre, I thought the urine was irritating my bladder. Then it seems to be more "soothed" when urine starts to build up again. Does anyone else have this?


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              I have what I call a backward UTI pain. Instead of hurting when I started to pee, it hurt after I stopped. But I don't have the problem when I do treatments. I have had a pain in the middle of the night that literally makes me jump out of bed and do an instill. That does it for me, then I go back to sleep.
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                I'm always more uncomfortable immediately after I urinate, but it only lasts for a few minutes. It's not a urethral burning, but is my bladder.

                I can't take tub baths without irritation so I confine my bathing to the shower. You'll want to be sure to use only plain white, unscented toilet tissue and blot --- don't wipe --- and don't touch the opening of the urethra with tissue. I find that if I place the tissue to catch any moisture, then stand up and hold the tissue in place for a few seconds, it works best. Some ICers will use a spray bottle and plain water to rinse the area after urination and report that helps too.

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                  Since inside of my urethra feels like thats where it is bothered, I have come up with a little thing that I do. I take a peice of tissue and roll it into like a cigarette almost looking roll, and then I put it into my urethra to clean everything out. This is just about the onyl thing that takes that wet feeling or irratating feeling away. I have been doing this for months, and it still works. I just wish I didnt have to do it, it take me like 5 minutes EVERYTIME that I go to the bathroom. That is one thing that I hate about IC. I used to be able to just go and be out in like 1 minute, but now I have to do so much in the bathroom to not burn.


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                    Wow, that sounds painful!