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    when i started the ic diet, i completely took out the 6 "main triggers" for two weeks. then, one by one, i'd try to reintroduce them into the diet. those main triggers are:
    1. citris fruit
    2. tomatoes or tomato products
    3. coffee
    4. artificial sweetners
    5. caffeine
    6. chocolate
    it turns out for me that ALL of them are pain triggers. but, that's not the case for everyone. so, you may be able to handle some things that others can't. unfortunately, we're all on our own journey, where pain triggers are concerned.

    the list in the patient handbook was SO helpful. and for me, eliminating the harshest foods/beverages was a good start. i've gotten to where i can pinpoint even preservatives that trigger my symptoms. it's been a little over nine months since i started the diet, and i couldn't say enough good things about it. it's been a lot of work trying to figure this stuff out, but it has also been a miracle for me and my family.

    i've also found that the less processed the food is, the better. whole foods and organics seem to be better for my ic bladder...

    well, good luck. i hope you can find your trigger foods and start feeling better very soon!

    warm regards,
    becky b
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