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  • Another Question Ladies.....Sorry

    Hello ladies. Before I ask my question I just want to thank everyone for replying to my other questions. It is really appreciated. Ok. Here is my question. I have been on the elimination diet for a little over a month and was wondering when you eat something that triggers a flare, how long until after you have eaten it do you normally react? I am not sure if I worded my question the right way or not. I have also been keeping a journal every day of what I eat and do I need to look back 1-2 days or even longer???? I know I am being neurotic about this.

    Oh and God News. I went for an instillation on Monday with my Urologist and the next day was rough but today I was perfectly normal. A REALLY good day. Let's hope and pray that I have more and more of these.


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    Oh, don't apologize for questions. If you have one chances are there are another dozen people reading along who have the same question.

    I think it really varies from one person to the next as to how long after eating a trigger food they may flare. I could usually tell in a few hours, but definitely the next day. May be very different for others. What really told me was when I ate the food again and reacted - then I knew for sure it was that food.

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    I've been virtually symptom free and able to eat & drink whatever I'd like for about 8 years now.


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      glad you had a good day.. Kim is right on what might trigger you and how long. you worded it correctly
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        For me it varies. Everything varies. Some foods will give me a reaction almost immediately. I remember once getting an amaretto sour from a club, and racing to the restroom before I had even finished the drink!! My poor hubby had to rush me straight from the club to a clinic to get checked for a bladder infection. This was an incident right before I was diagnosed. Some foods will take days, and some foods even vary incident to incident. I think there are SO many factors that contribute to my flare-ups that its almost impossible to tell.. I think the food diary will really help you answer that question for you though.


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          For me, within 10-20 minutes
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            For me it can be within minutes, or sometimes it takes hours.

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              Just like the others have said, it depends - most times I can tell within 30 minutes, some it might take a day. I know the doctor told me even decaf coffee can cause pain didn't believe him-- guess it was because I've been drinking it for so long, but one day I decided to give up even that, well guess what? after about 3 weeks of no coffee, I had a cup of decaf, and within 30 minutes I was in pain! Anyway, since then (its been 4 months been better- I've been drinking tea- with the couple exceptions here and there of a cup of coffee on the really cold mornings, but then I pay for it dearly!) (boy, I really hate it when the doctors are right!!)


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                I'm in the same boat as you but have only been on the diet since Feb 18. I have had two flares. And both were pretty much immediate. Although the pain has lasted hours and hours.

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                  I usually flare up within a couple of hours but definitely by the next morning! Good luck on finding out your troublesome foods... God Bless.


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                    It is a good question. I just noted in another thread that so far, I've been able to tell with drinks in 35-45 minutes, and with food within an hour and a half. When I caved to chocolate, I happened to be at work so I made a note of exactly when I ate it, then made a note of exactly when the symptoms kicked in. A week later, when I tried Indian food, I did the same thing, and it was like clockwork. Luckily, neither flared me in such a way that was agonizing, and both I knocked out pretty quickly with some quick remedies - baking soda in water, tums, and alkalanizing tea.


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                      What type of alkalizing tea works? I hate experimenting with food and than I egt a flare and dont know what to do. Thank you for your help.


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                        Hey there...try this when trying ?able foods....

                        When trying new foods or drinks I use Prelief!!! It works great and immediately. Take 2 right before you eat or drink anything that may be questionable to you. I do this especially at restaurants since I am not sure what all the ingredients are in my food. Hope this helps!


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                          Thank you so much! I do love Prelief!
                          Sometimes I wonder though if I take it too much... But I hate to not take it, eat something that doesnt work for me and than I am in misery. I have noticed though if when I get a flare, I drink milk, take 2 Prelief and 2 Tylenol that it does seem to help. The thing I miss the most is Diet Coke! I have tried taking Prelief with it before but it doesnt help. ANy suggestions with still being able to drink pop?


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                            I don't drink sodas, but I have read here that some are able to tolerate Root Beer. You might try that.

                            Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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