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  • Loose fitting pants

    Not Your Daughter's jeans fit nicely and are not snug. But.. with summer coming, I need other loose fitting pants.

    Any ideas for source of loose fitting pants? The elastic waist pants make me feel like an old lady, who looks like a balloon.

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    I wear low rise silver jeans. They fall way below my belly button so it doesn't seem like they push on my bladder as much. I can wear anything that comes w/in an inch of my belly button.


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      I should have been more clear about loose fitting pants.
      I cannot wear pants which are the least bit snug "down-there". Must wear pants that put NO pressure on urethra.


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        Have you tried loose fit cargo pants? Most of them have a drawstring so you can buy them a size bigger and tighten them w/ the string. They're really comfy and cute! I have a pair of baggy bermuda shorts too w/ a drawstring and they are the most comfortable thing I own.


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          Most of the time I can't even wear stretchy pants because it feels too tight. But especially when I am flaring. It's awful! I like pajama pants with a drawstring, no elastic, and tied very loose. That's the most comfortable to me. When it is extra bad, then I have been known to wear a dress, but it has to be REALLY bad.


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            what about those cute linen pants... the ones you would wear on vacation?? I have them and they're adorable and very very comfortable!

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              You know they also have cotton pants that have pockets.. They come in all differant colors, but I like the black ones.. You can buy them at K-mart or Wal-mart, and I even seen them at Target..They feel just like cotton pajama pants, but you can tell there every day pants..I wear them on my bad days where I dont want nothing pressing on my stomach..

              Also the you can find capri pants that look really nice and are loose fitting..

              Another thing I can wear is Lee stretch pants, they do not bind your stomach or put pressure on you..I buy the low rise ones and they look like jeans, but are not tight at all, these are my favorite..Hope this helps

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                I was going to say the capri pants they are really nice for the Spring/Summer. They have the drawstring waist. I wear them to work with a nice top and dressy sandals. When I wear pants, I have pants with the stretch waist band. Dresses are usually long enough that I don't have to wear hose, if I do, I wear thigh high.


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                  On bad days, I have to wear a dress or skirt. I cannot bear to wear jeans, but I also have vulvodynia, so most of my pain is in the vulvar region. Any pants at all is too much to bear some days.

                  Linen pants are nice and usually looser.

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                    Thank you for all your ideas for loose fitting pants. I am going shopping today. I found some pants at that look like they might work. Yoga pants seem to be OK.