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  • This Sux!!!!

    Ok I'm bitter and quite ticked off at the moment. I really don't have time for this and yet here it is!!! I got a frickin bladder infection about 2 1/2 months ago and ignored the symptoms. I had just started a new FT job and my daughter started daycare the same day and was trying to adjust, and my husband was being an a** at the time. So I just blew myself off. BIG MISTAKE! And now i am paying the price. I went to a urologist and am scheduled to have a systoscope to rule out other things. I have heard it's painful. That isn't until April 19th. So I have to wait until then for to see exactly what is in there.

    So my dumb butt goes and eats some ravioli last night. Now I am paying the price. I am mad because I love pizza, and cake, and spicy foods, and long island ice tea's. How can I live without those things for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!! I mean, sure, I can indulge in those delightful pleasures and be in la la land for the moment, but then the inevitable will happen. That little fire will go all awry in my bladder and there i am agonizing in pain!! This is just great!

    I don't ever get drunk but now I'm feeling a strong desire too JUST BECAUSE I CAN'T!!!!!

    Well sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening. I have to go have a tea party with my daughter ----- TEA!!?!! I can't even drink my green tea!!!!

    This is going to be a BIG adjustment for me . . .

    If my husband brings home pizza tonight I am going to knock him out on the spot.

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    Yes it is a big adjustment, but once you get use to it, Its not that bad..
    I thought I could never live without things that had tomatoes in it, but I learned I would rather do without then die in pain..
    Your feelings are normal, I was so mad when I found out what I had..

    It does get better though...Take care and if you need anything just ask

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      We all understand how you feel. We all did in the beginning. It does get better for most of us & yes, you will be able to enjoy some of the things that you think you can't in small doses (usually). The first thing is to get the IC in control, diet, meds, whatever it take for YOU to feel better. Hopefully you are on an antibiotic to clear the UTI & will feel better soon. One helpful tip, is after the cysto, an ice pack helped me, try it & ask for pain meds, just in case. For right now, drink plenty of water, heating pad & diet should help. Hugs, Kathi
      One Day At A Time


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        Thank you

        Thank ladies for your responses. I am so happy I found this site. I felt and still feel very alone in the outside world. My doctor never mentioned any meds. I suppose I will bring that up to him. I am on Lexapro for depression and cautious about mixing things. I guess I need to figure out the best way for me to deal with this so I can live. Today I layed in bed and my daughter who is only 2. She put a blanket over me and laid next to me. She brought about 20 books with her lol so it was kind of nice to spend time alone like that.

        Thanks again



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          The diet isn't as bad as it sounds at first. And if it does turn out that you have IC, it's certainly worth the effort. I have twin step-daughters who are diabetic and their diets are far more restrictive than mine.

          Hang in there --- once you have a diagnosis and get started on treatment, it will be better.

          Stay safe

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            I had ic for a very long time before I knew it. Drs seem to be finding it better now. I was so glad when I was diagnosed and was able to do something about it. The diet is hard but sooooo worth it. I didn't realize that the food I was eating was causing so much pain.
            It is difficult to begin with but it does get better. I would rather do without pizza than to deal with the pain it causes.
            Sometimes I get weepy and cry because I can't eat things that I love. Then I remember that it could be worse and has been.
            Chicken is my main food. I have been eating crab legs which hasn't caused any pain.
            At first you need to stick with the diet. When it gets better you can experiment with one food at a time. If you try too many at a time and you flare, you won't know what caused the flare.
            I know it is hard. I have gotten mad and decided I was going to eat what I wanted ( chocolate cake) It was very good but not worth it.
            I wish you a lot of luck.



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              Thanks Melissa

              Thank you Melissa,
              I guess I just have to take one day at a time. This won't kill me. No one ever died from not eating pizza. So I guess I have to be ok with it. I'm just greedy and love food. What a way to go on a diet. Actually I've already lost 3 lbs : )

              Maybe this is God's way of telling me to stop being a pig. I know my cholesterol is high. With this diet it should be going down.

              I can do this ~

              Thanks again for your support.


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                Thanks Donna!

                Thank You!


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                  This site already is going to be a great help for you. The diet will help, and you should probably talk to your doctor about meds for sure...if he didn't offer anything, then you need to encourage him to find out more about IC and how it's treated.
                  Also, stress management is going to be important! I can be very, very permissive with my diet, but I cannot let myself get agitated at all. Starting a new job, having a toddler, and marital issues are all things that can contribute to how you feel. Try to keep an even keel, which, I know, sounds ridiculously difficult right now. Just give it time and relax (to the best of your abilities).


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                    Your are not greedy! It is only right that we should be able to eat what we want. When My husband saw the diet and realized what I caoudn't eat he said, " That is the saddest thing I have ever seen". He loves to eat. It is really hard but you can do it. You will feel much better.



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                      Thanks Mellusk and Melissa and all who have posted!

                      Melissa your post cracked me up lol. How sweet of your husband to rub it for you.

                      Everyone I really appreciate your support. I feel better today. As long as I don't eat like a maniac I will be ok. I had an awful flare up a few days ago. I feel as though my bladder is healing from an a** kickin. There is residual soreness but it is subsiding. I saw a post someone wrote about feeling as though their bladder is an abusive husband that you have to tip toe around cause you aren't sure what will set him off. That is exactly how I feel.

                      Yesterday when I got back to my office from a meeting at work my boss had put a lovely browne and a scrumptious looking piece of cake on my desk to greet me with a big HELLO PLEASE EAT US!!!!! My heart dropped. I stared at it and smelled it for about 3 hours before finaly throwing it away in the bathroom. Hey I just had a thought! Maybe I can chew food just for the taste and not actually swallow it?! I MISS PIZZA AND CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      I think I am having withdrawal. I feel like a recovering addict ~ This is going to be one loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong journey.